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What are Data Masking Technologies?

The market for DM technologies includes offerings designed to desensitize data in order to protect it against abuses of confidentiality or privacy. These technologies enable organizations to operationally minimize the footprint and propagation of sensitive data (or its viewing) without extensive custom development. Data is masked either before access or at the time of access, depending on the use case’s requirements. The most common use case for DM technologies is the desensitization of data in nonproduction environments.

Products In Data Masking Technologies Market

"A reliable solution by Microsoft!"

The overall experience is excellent. We have been used MS SQL Server from long been and found it a perfect solution for all our data and database requirements. We have used data masking feature as it helps to protect Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and sensitive details such as name, number, ID, etc., from the unauthorized persons. The encryption feature make it unique as even any unauthorized user try to access the data, they were not able to read or view any information.

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"The scalability of Azure is what companies need the dinamic of your data."

Do not depend on a physical server, Azure offers you the solution, it is one of the best cloud services for SQL management you get many benefits whit this service, its latency is excellent.

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"Break through Data Masking Platform"

iMask protects your confidential material at the Application and Data layers by providing customizable ways that appeal to various use cases and user types - smaller, midsize, and big companies. iMask is an excellent option since it enables us to configure data in a way that is consistent with the user experience. The speed with which data is disguised aids in keeping our systems operational while reducing user impact. Using iMask, any organization can ensure the absolute security of its data in production instances by masking secret content at both the application and data levels. Customize rules inside the product's user interface to allow role-based, consumer, software package, and location-based access restrictions on who may access your confidential material. Easy de-identify data using a database embedded technique without modifying the architecture design or current security standards.

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"Advanced and solid data masking product"

Oracle Enterprise Manager features a comprehensive data masking solution that helps us to comply with data privacy and security regulations by proactively limiting the use of our actual customer data through masking. Our confidential information, such as credit or debit card numbers or social security numbers, can be swapped with genuine values, allowing us to use our production data freely and protectively in non-production situations. Because of the size of the infrastructure, the exposure they provide is really beneficial.

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"Trustable data masking platform"

Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services is the greatest integration platform we've tried thus far. As a solution iPaaS covers a variety of cloud data management technologies meant to boost efficiency, performance, and scalability. We are committed, with the assistance of the Informatica product team, to complete most of our hiding needs for our financial records in the accounting system using the current infrastructure. Because of our organization's complex business requirement for masking criteria, the product manager has been incredibly attentive to concerns about the service.

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"Easy to set up"

Used for an enterprise B2B and B2C app to encrypt data on cloud and on premises when using the app. We hooked in with Unity through our own REST APIs and backend using the encryption offered by the SecureData package.

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"Test Data Manager, a secure way to manage anonymous data"

In order to deliver applications rapidly, Test Data Manager is used that secures, create, and design the convenient purpose data for the well-organized test loops. This software allows the users to supply the testing data for superior test pursuit for app executions. All constituents of data are combined here and masked, sub-grouped, and cloned by Test Data Manager. On-demand data is generated to encounter the assessment according to the institutions' needs. It is used both for verifying the desired outputs through functions and to check if the software can deal with the unfamiliar data.

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"A mechanism for securing data from a wide variety of hazards"

Imperva Data Masking provides data masking to remove confidential material, allowing us to use de-identified information in programming, training, advanced analytics, and analyzing associated information with confidence. The Imperva Data Masking software enables us with experimentation, training, software development, and administrative activities while securing critical data from unauthorized access, even if we are in an unsecured situation. Its open structure allows it to quickly convert to our corporation's hybrid work situation, and it supports all corporate platforms. It's quite easy to set up, operate, and maintain, and even untrained people are using it to establish consistent masking operations. Imperva has ensured the protection of our hyper-sensitive production data without risk of it being lost, as well as the identification of database flaws, in comparison to all others. There is a framework in place that automatically detects potential hiding sections. To keep the masking procedure, we don't have to write any programming language.

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"Low cost DevOps data platform, but has its quirks that are worth noting"

When working with Delphix implementation we found that they were able to pinpoint our issues almost immediately. We were concerned with some of their shortfalls, where they say some of their APIs exist but really don't but we went with them primarily due to cost. Overall, they've been a good DevOps environment tool.

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"Good solution for anonymising telecom data from multiple sources"

We've been using BMC Test data management solution for a while now. The integrated process of taking production snapshots and running through the BMC data masking process is all exceptionally smooth. Our Test execution times are remarkably faster. There is always a healthy data set available for all phases of testing. This helps immensely to reduce the test phase elapsed time. One of the biggest advantage we've seen is for Performance Testing, where the production like data is always available from the BMC test data. The tool helps with complying GDPR and PII data protection rules with readily available templates and capabilities for data masking.

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"Data Secure does a fantastic job in Data protection"

As a company that handles great amounts of personal information and client data, it is our highest priority to make sure that any information provided to us is properly secured and made as safe as possible. While there was a solution in place prior to Data Secure, we had some worries about a sophisticated attack that might override our protection. This is why Data Secure was put in place and integrated. From that point on, we had our own Data center employees try out every known method to gain access to our secured information and they all failed - meaning that Data Secure is exactly that - Secure data. A great solution and a huge relief regarding our data security.

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"Tons of networking and socializing features were included."

From private communication to public forums, polls, questions, private meeting spaces and integrated video platforms. Contests and exhibitions, etc.,to mention a few. it is an amazing versatile virtual conference platform. Excellent and highly recommended.

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"great data masking solution"

great experience working with IBM, they consultants are were willing to help, the support is really good.

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"Secupi platform a high quality tool for our organization. "

In our experience with this tool, it is one of the best because this product offers transparency and granular controls alongside direct entry tools, big data and cloud realms. SecuPi can make production and non-production applications GDPR-ready in just a few days.

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"with K2view ,a single platform addresses multiple use cases. "

the K2view platform connects to all kinds of sources and allow us integrate information easily .

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"Perfect Software To Comply With Data Protection Laws"

Ideal for medium and large companies that need to acquire and take advantage of user data anonymously and legally, avoiding all kinds of complaints about the misuse of private data. Eclipse Risk provides us with automated reports that can be audited to verify customer privacy. It is a great software to process massive data and deduce repetitive patterns that generate predictive models, guaranteeing a positive and scalable return on our investment over time.

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"Protegrity is a very useful tool that will help you maintain privacy"

My personal experience with the help of this wonderful software is totally satisfactory, Protegrity is the platform that every company must have to guarantee the protection of all its operations on the network, this system will be in charge of maintaining safe browsing during the course that I find on the net, without a doubt, with this program I feel comfortable and protected to send and receive reports of my work activities, it is a perfect solution to take care of my data, the objective of this program is to offer a professional job to all users who enjoy its functions.

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"A dynamic data masking and sub setting solution to secure the end user data"

Oracle Data masking and subsetting solution is one of the best masking tool in the market to hide the identity of the user with out compromising the integrity of data. It has the ability to create the child records of the masked parent record maintain the same fake identification of the parent which makes most reliable tool. Deployment took time as it requires lot of internal alignment and the set up cost is high though the maintenance cost is economical and the overhead cost is minimal as it requires few resources to run it. The best part is it works with non-oracle databases as well like both SQL and Oracle which is very good. It's a scalable solution, expecting the

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"It is totally safe to have the help of Solix Enterprise Data Management Suite (EDMS)"

The amount of information that is developed daily in our company is exorbitant, so it was necessary to find a platform that helps us maintain order and endless reports and documents without losing sight of any, Solix Technologies was an immediate solution Because thanks to this software we were able to be much more managed and increase our proactivity, the time we have had this platform we can see that it makes it easy for us to manipulate a large amount of information on the company's operations as well as the content of all employees. that make up this company.

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"Efficient data protection and masking of sensitive information."

Baffle data protection and masking feature on cloud is commendable.

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