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Informatica Persistent Data Masking

Data Masking is essential for compliance and regulatory requirements

The Data Masking product is relatively easy to learn and implement. My team was able to pick it up after taking Informatica online course.

Informatica Dynamic Data Masking

Review for Informatica Dynamic Data Masking

Great staffing consultants from Informatica

Informatica Dynamic Data Masking

It was a learning curve but received helpful support from vendor.

We were able to get support and responses fairly quickly. The product still needs to mature fully. However, inputs and feedbacks are taken and acted upon in reasonable time.

Informatica Persistent Data Masking

Has come a long way but still need more improvement

Existing vendor willing to work with customers

Informatica Dynamic Data Masking, Informatica Persistent Data Masking

Informatica was the best priced option for cross platform data masking

It came down to Infomatica and IBM Optim. the pricing was much more favorable for the Infomatica solution


ITRS Geneos Review

Excellent professional services support. Makes you exceed set expectations in terms of monitoring coverage. Easy usability of the tool by IT Operations and tool admin.


Secure@Source - Found my Critical Assets

They did what they said they could do. The company is very responsive to enhancements and issues.

Informatica Persistent Data Masking

Implementation was easy but we did have to write a lot of internal tooling to scale

We have maintained a very close working relationship with the vendor and have had a bi-directional relationship, where our feedback has been taken into account into future roadmaps.

Informatica Persistent Data Masking

Product does not appear to be mature enough for a 9.7 version.

Neutral.. because the vendor was responsive but product quality left much to be desired.