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Oracle Advanced Security, Oracle Enterprise Manager

Product performed as supposed, migration does not necessarily allow for continuous deliver

Advanced security products were mature, specifically transparent data encryption (TDE). No noted performance degradation of functional issues experienced in the lab where load and business use-cases were conducted. While uptime migration is touted in 12.2, it is with dbms_redefinition which has issues with high-volume transactional systems where no lull time exists or the package is not able to directed on safe time to switch over, which requires a slight "downtime", which in our cases means transactions backing up in the system cascading to other impacts. Note that this is for a system with 50-60k trans/second, which is where GoldenGate was necessary to minimize downtime.

Oracle Enterprise Manager

lack of product support

Oracle does not provide good support for troubleshooting, bad documentation from online support

Oracle Enterprise Manager

Product looked good before implementation but does not meet expectation

Felt like it is always in beta mode and it is yet not ready for general use

Oracle Enterprise Manager

Oracle Enterprise Manager decreases maintenece and technology management overhead

Vendor support for getting the product configured and installed was helpful. Ongoing support is sometimes slow and a tedious process to work through.

Oracle Enterprise Manager

Implementation was easy, long adoption rate with application teams.

Still have not used it to its full capability.