4.5 out of 5 (6 Ratings)

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DQ Analyzer, Data Quality Center

Great product that has shown improvement to our Data!!

We have and are building a good relationship with our vendor. They are very supportive and willing to help, as required.

DQ Analyzer, DQ Dashboard, Data Quality Center

The server side functionality is limited to job scheduling

Pretty good in responding to Customer requests and Inquiries

DQ Analyzer, DQ Issue Tracker

Implementation was easy, since the engagement with the vendor was very good

Very professional consultants and support

DQ Dashboard

DQD is successfully implemented which added Business value / Improved Data Quality

I am satisfied with their overall experience, hoping to get more details for community forums on issues encountered.

Data Quality Center

DQC hits the sweet spot between product maturity and innovation.

The vendor was responsive to our needs throughout our implementation.

DQ Dashboard, Data Quality Center

Supportive, experienced teams.

Excellent support model, the options for managed solutions for us were invaluable.