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DBMoto, Data Stewardship Platform

The tool delivered!

The vendor knows its product well and our implementation delivered over 20% measurable efficiency improvements. So, the tool is a success! We had challenges in two areas: consistency of the interface across our different domains, and stability/performance of the server platform. The first challenge was primarily our fault, but the vendor could have stepped forward to alert us to our divergent internal teams. The second challenge was equally an internal platform issue as well as a vendor architecture issue. That said, the vendor worked tirelessly to resolve the technical issues once they were identified.

Data Stewardship Platform

Collaborative Platform for Enterprise Data Governance and Stewardship

The knowledge around data governance and managemnet is outstanding of the company beyond the tool knowledge. The organization has a very strategy outlook on the capability roadmap and user adoption. The presence of the tool in the pharma industry sector was a key determining factor.