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BDNA Analyze, BDNA Normalize, BDNA Technopedia

Product and staff are great; issues are minimal and primarily caused by miscommunication

Great product, great staff. We have been extremely happy with the product. We use it daily to help with troubleshooting, impact analysis, technology lifecycle management, and more. We had a small issue with a staff change, which led to some miscommunication, but they went out of their way to resolve it to the best of their ability. We also had a few small issues during implementation, as well as an unfortunate surprise that we did not get one of the most important modules we were expecting.

BDNA Technopedia

Implementation was challenging yet extremely instructive.

Given that some protocols were developed as the deployment was being implemented, the support by the technical experts was outstanding

BDNA Analyze, BDNA Normalize, BDNA Technopedia

Implementation was easy. Substantially increased application inventory.

Support after implementation could be stronger, but we have not provided strong internal support as well. Very satisified with the product.