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Experian Pandora

Good DQ Tool, not for shifting data

Lack of technical support, too sales focused

Experian Data Quality Platform

Phenomenal service with a strong, functional data product

Extremely professional vendor rep. I've been working with the same person since implementation and so she strives to understand my business processes and helps me streamline my activities.

Capture, Clean and Enhance data quality tools

Definite market leader when purchased but strong competitors have emerged

At the time they are a market leader this is slipping. The customer suport is outstanding one call and competent suport is available. Provided a significant cost reduction due to more accurate shipping as well as much highre customer satisfaction. The ulectronic updates are nices but cause sporatic issues. Bizarre pricing model. Non USA and Canada results feel very expensive.

Capture, Clean and Enhance data quality tools, Experian Data Quality Platform

data quaity improvement and enrichment was the focus

Great people to work with