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Infosphere QualityStage

A workhorse that has been working well in our DQ implementation.

When originally adopted as part of our implementation, the tool was fairly clumsy to work with but once the intricacies were figured out, was a fairly efficient workhorse for our data quality implementation. At the time, there was a dearth of knowledgeable resources, there was sparse documentation as well as no available literature. There were a few rockstar experts in the consulting business who were the only ones with the depth of knowledge and/or experience. This has all vastly improved in the past few years even though there are still some areas of improvement. The tool is now much more deeply integrated into the IBM platform and easier to work with. There have been great progress in the availability of literature as well as

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implementation was easy, a lot of thought process to implement IGC - Steward Ship Center

When ever we had issues, the IBM Support was excellent in resolving our issues. The local team was always there to help