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Data Quality Advanced Edition, Data Quality Governance Edition, Data Quality Standard Edition

Implementation was Complex considering number of other bundle in part of IDQ

We consider Informatica IDQ product to perform end to end data quality operations and perform data lineage with help of Informatica Metadata Manager product. Overall implementation experience was okay. There are so much complexity this product have with competability with other products like EDW, Hadoop etc. We face so much of competability issue where Informatica has to provide e fix. Ongoing maintainance is so expensive for this product.

Data Quality Governance Edition

Good operational data quality platform - customized reporting is limited though.

The Informatica tool set has been stable, allowing us to meet our project milestones. There was a bit of a learning curve at first, but our 3rd party vendor helped us bridge that gap. We implemented dozens of complex data quality checks into scorecards and automated email notifications to data stewards when failures reach threshold levels. We opted to store our scorecard results in a separate data mart for further analysis with external tools since there isn't a robust built in analysis and reporting module. It will show trends in the scorecard, but you can't do your own time series analysis or drill into the result data. In-house technical and user training with "Informatica University" was quite good. The instructor was very knowledgeable and tailored the training to our specific needs, easily moving back and forth between a user focus and a technical focus. PowerCenter and Metadata Manager were also implemented, allowing us to deliver a more robust data governance & data quality program to our users. This is a good platform to "grow into". If you start with a targeted implementation and engage some experienced developers you will have a very usable data quality program. If you want to do your own analysis of your quality results over time you will probably need to use a separate tool set for analysis.

Data Quality Governance Edition

The Governance workflows are insufficient and not well supported.

We were pushing the envelope with a brand new .0 release. Our expectations were that since they acuired ActiveVOS, we would be able to leverage the workflow capabilities within Informatica. After we purchased Infa, we were told they were no longer selling the BPM or services to be able to configure workflows. The only workflows we could use were the out of the box workflows in the Business Glossary or in MDM. Neither met our requirements, and we faced serious issues with the Business Glossary workflow that effectively shut down our governance process for months while Infa tried to sort it out. I was not satisfied with services team who couldn't find a low risk solution that didn't destroy the metadata we had previously captured using the Business Glossary.


Data Quality Governance Edition

Informatica information governance - new way of exploring enterprise knowledge

Informatica is delivering high quality services in consultancy and is backed by strong and powerful solutions like the one for information governance. The look and feel of their solutions is also quite different, it's clear they work hard on making the end user the center of their strategy and development.

Data Quality Standard Edition

Great product, if unwrapped and used.

GUI is non business friendly for the glossary, Most of the product never taken out of the box