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Data Quality Advanced Edition, Data Quality Governance Edition

Technology Selection and Implementation of Data Quality Governance

Architecture and Implementation both worked well. Knowledge sessions and Interaction with Informatica Research and Developmenmt Team are extremely beneficial

Address Validation Services and StrikeIron, Data Quality Standard Edition

Migration to the product result in differences

The vendor has been able to step in and provide the required support to implement the product. The resources have been knowlwdgable and provided the necessary guidance to implement the product. The product was used to replace existing products in the infrastructure. Not all tolls work exactly the same so when utilizing matching logic or address standardizations be prepared to adjust user expections on what the result sets may look like.

Data Quality Standard Edition

Great product and a comprehensive vendor support

The vendor has been really helpful in letting us know the product and the version offerings. They have also helped us with the configuration details and standard configuration patterns. The documentation created by the vendor is very comprehensive.

Data Quality Governance Edition

informatica data governance module

good support from informatica through vendor

Data Quality Advanced Edition

Multifunctional Business Definition, ETL and Business Process Efficiencies

Training was a great resource and onsite premises installation working is fluid as well.

Address Validation Services and StrikeIron, Data Quality Standard Edition

Implementation was easy

This tool has been very useful during Welcome season of CVSHealth.

Data Quality Advanced Edition

Informatica platform provides flexibility

Implementation of on-premise platform went well overall. Adoption by technical staff that did not have previous Informatica experience was difficult. Challenge to understand how to transition on-premise offering to cloud-based offering.

Address Validation Services and StrikeIron, Data Quality Standard Edition

Implementation was painful, but we got through it

We managed to implement our Master Data Management data model on time, but with a lot of painful milestones along the way. We utilized a preferred/recommended implementation partner that required a lot of hand-holding and lacked decision making or recommendations for our organization.

Data Quality Standard Edition

Good Capability, but needs better design pattern and development BKMs to use the tool

The vendor has professional services folks that are knowledgeable in specific capabilities of their product line, but we have yet to find someone with a breadth of experience to identify how best we should be using their tools.

Address Validation Services and StrikeIron, Data Quality Advanced Edition

The product met or exceeded all our expectation

A pleasure to work with. Excellent support and services organization. The product works like advertised.