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Data Quality Components for SSIS

One of the best solution for address validation

highly helpful tech customer service


Great functionality

Personator allowed us to gather additional information for our customers, allowing them to make better decisions. Their API's are easy and straightforward.

Global Data Quality Suite

Easily integrated and accurate results

Address Correction software performs very well. Fairly easy to integrate with existing system. Especially like the RDBI Indicator add-on we use the determines whether an address is a business or residential location. We have a business requirement that says we must have a person's residential address on file. This software allows us to ask for one if a business address only is provided.

Data Quality Components for SSIS, Personator

Melissa data allows us to compare our user data to industry data for quality control

Solid data provider - opposite of pushy. We go to them.

Data Quality Components for SSIS

Friendly user interface and helpful samples but not quite get the result I expected.

Customer Service is excellent. Product performance as described. Support documents are detail and helpful. However, I still don't fully understand how match-up working despite that I read over documents and asked for support many times

Data Quality Components for SSIS, Global MatchUp

Must have tool for Direct Mail

This product is great at data cleansing and adding latitude and longitude for our direct mail

Data Quality Components for SSIS

The DQS component for SSIS is very easy to install and configure.

The DQS component for SSIS is very easy to install and configure. It integrates well MS Visual Studio Data Tools. The best thing we liked about MD was that it generates a unique key for every address. This helps in designing your database using the unique key as a reference to each address that is processed/cleansed by MD. The other good thing is that the software is very reliable and it generates sensible error codes when it corrects or alters a wrong address. On top of all this, there is excellent customer support.


Very straightforward installation & Configuration, Procured missing customer information .

Very straightforward installation & Configuration steps. We configured Personator & Match process and part of our daily SSIS ETL load process. Very Easy to use. Procured missing customer information . We simply passed Basic details of out Customers like Name, Address, Phone Number and Personator application was able to append Emails, New Address if moved, Phone number, Geocode. Personator also standardizes existing customer information Match process provided the reliable single view of data. we used it for de-duplication, matching & mastering Customer records. Fantastic Customer service.