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Code-1 Plus

More expense than expected

As a CASS System, this product is more expensive than we expected.

Spectrum Technology Platform

Good for Smaller Companies, Large-Scale Operations Could be Difficult

The user interface is quite friendly and attractive, and is a great way for business analysts to create APIs without programming. The product has difficulty with large-scale integrations, and has trouble handling large amounts of data. Integrating with multiple systems requires programming outside the application to make it work. The product does not allow for automatic creation of variables within the application, which makes automation difficult. It also requires massive amounts of manual updating and workflow creation; and is built so that the graph database is embedded, making scaleability a challenge.

Spectrum Technology Platform

Implementation was quick and the platform performs well.

The vendor was very supportive from an implementation and trainin perpective, and the software performs well.


Great products with few hardware/software issues.

They change personnel frequently and their communications structure is antiquated.

Spectrum Technology Platform

Flexible platform that can grow with your MDM program.

Very modular product options, allows you to pick and choose which components you want to start with, and have the technology expand as your use cases become more advanced.