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Data Quality Management, SAP Data Services

Implementation was success, could have avoided Few delays in task completion

The project objectives are met using BODS, activities like data cleansing, data migration from legacy systems to ECC AND BW was smooth and connectivity options and automation, error handling and mailing options are great.

Information Steward

Licensing model was difficult to understand

Reasonable access to solutions.

Information Steward

Can be used as a stand alone tool for Data Profiling

SAP IS is very good in Data blending and Profiling. It is very well integrated with SAP sources.

Information Steward

Implementation was hard with the less skills we have using this products

You have to have skills to manage the product. IT skills or data science skills.

Information Steward

Steady Product that is well integrated into the SAP ecosystem

It integrated very vell with our existing installed base of SAP. The product did not meet our desired need for a full MDM tool, however it was very satisfactory in help up to improve our internal Data Quality

Information Steward, SAP Data Services

Fixing issues from a prior global implementation

Regional business user perspective from a prior global implementation. Product itself seems capable and offers a lot. Still trying to fix issues from an incomplete global implementation.

Information Steward

Taking our time to ensure we get it right.

The product has worked as advertised/expected.Most vendor interaction has been with 3rd party consultant.

Information Steward, SAP Data Services

SAP tools work Support needs Improvement

The implementation of the functionality is fine. However suport from the vendor si always text book. If you have an issue you are directed to patches and upgrades without really understanding the issues and helping you resolve it.

SAP Data Services

Part of a great broader suite but requires stronger SAP vision

Great product with terribel operational support

Information Steward

Data Steward - works as planned & helps the business to keep data clean

We have been increasing our usage with every location we implement and better understand the tools available