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Amazon Redshift

An Excellent system for the price. Low start up cost.

Redshift is overall a good product. We are willing to live with its shortcomings for the overall lower cost. It has served us well so far.

Amazon Redshift

Great Implementation

Great - positive experienece

Amazon Redshift

Easy to get started, tricky to master in depth

Pro: well documented, built on standards (PostSQL), so easy to learn Cons: requires deep query expertise to ensure queries complete in a reasonable amount of time

Amazon Redshift

AWS Redshift

AWS has made our companies growth extremely easy. Redshift has proven to be a valuable resource for us.

Amazon Redshift

Easy to get started and scale, but only once you've RTFM

Easy to turn on, deploy, and experiment with. With AWS Redshift, an important piece of the technology is that it works best in a cluster. Single nodes aren't performant at all due to how the horizontal scaling architecture works, but are fine for development. Additionally, scaling writes has proved challeging. At launch, we appended data to 100 tables every 15 minutes. But, once read load was applied, it brought the cluster to a hault. Reducing our load intervals and increasing our cluster size solved all issues.

Amazon Redshift

Worked as planned, but wish had deeper direct architectural support

- AWS has a ton of documentation and 3rd party tools - Don't have a lot of architecture experts on staff and immature 3rd party VAR channel - Tech worked as plan

Amazon Redshift

transform data from greenplum to redshift

we are transforming from greenplum to aws redshit, and the process is workable and smooth

Amazon Redshift

We got what we expected and it nailed it

Our understanding of Redshift capabilities and our experienced were well matched. Pricing was reasonable and predictable within the context of a fast growing data set. The ease of implementation made the choice in retrospect the obvious one.

Amazon Redshift, Other...

Implementation was easy, and the positives still dominate any negatives.

It was incredibly easy to get started with AWS Redshift. The support of our sales rep was second to none. We were connected to technical resources when needed. We opted to use a 3rd party to help expediate the implementation.

Amazon Redshift

Implementation and support was easy. Performance of product is good

Very helpful and prompt to respond