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Straight Forward Implementation with high complexity testing required.

Relatively straight forward experience setting up BPAM for EPIC. Testing scenarios require significant time and complexity to thoroughly implement.


Implemementation was easy.

Work well with the EPIC data

Cognito, Other...

Implementation went very smooth with minimal problems.

The process was very involved but the ultimate rollout was very smooth.


Smooth transition to Epic!

We've been pleased as a whole with our experiences.


Progress is often difficult and timely.

Once training was completed for all analysts using this software, there was a learning curve and a shift from a Microsoft product to this one. Now that it is in use, utilizing our Epic counterparts as the experts we have gained valuable experience and are able to duplicate the existing reports that we used prior.


Implementation was a pleasant experience. It really embodied a true vendor partnership

The partnership with epic was faboulous. They partnered with all the entire way


Epic Cogito Data Warehouse: External data integration for a complete view of the patient.

Industry focused, standard model, ability to handle multiple data formats.