Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

2.3 out of 5 (3 Ratings)

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Discontinued SaaS offering without providing an viable alternative

The vendor just chose to decommission the SaaS offering and provided an alternative that is 30 times more expensive. HPE had no concern for customer and disruption this move caused the customer. The product was good enough and we had no qualms with the offering at all. We had planned to use the offering for the foreseeable future. However, HPE had other thoughts and were totally indifferent to the customer's plight.


Easy to use and analytical functions.

HPE Vertica is an advanced SQL database analytics and For that reason it is easy to use. It is possible to use Hadoop and R, and built-in analytical functions.


Implementation was easy, but make sure your application design aligns with product

HPE did a good job with solution design, platform implementation and user training. However, application/database design specified by a 3rd-party did not align well with Vertica's columnar database design features and attributes. Unfortunately, application performance did not meet expectations and/or requirements without significant redesign.