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InfoSphere DataStage

Great partner to work with but difficult to upgrade

IBM in general is very cautious in their product releases and are usually behind what the industry is offerring. Their breadth of offerrings is a positive factor as we don't end up paying for individual products once enterprise agreement is in place. Their product support system also helps us. Upgrades are a pain and very manual.

InfoSphere DataStage, Netezza

Implementation was easy and upgrades can be better.

Overall implementation went well. We were able to cut down the processing time significantly. Since we were starting from the scratch, we were not aware of any upgrade issues. But later on, during upgrades, it becomes difficult to maintain multiple installs on the same machine. 8.5.0 version has very limited debug capabilities.

InfoSphere DataStage

Easy implementation

Adoption took a long time but was a worthwhile upgrade as the organization had the previous version

InfoSphere DataStage, Netezza, PureData System for Analytics , PureData System of Analytics

Implementation was difficult


InfoSphere DataStage

Always a Difficult Project But IBM Was a Huge Help

IBM was able to step in and pick up the crumbled pieces that were left from a previous, 3rd party vendor that initially tried to implement, which turned into a disaster. The IBM consultants have been top-notch and a true benefit to our company, and were able to help us right the ship!


Excellent Performance For Analytical Data Queries.

Good product with good vendor support.


Watson - it's a brand, not just a technology...

Watson has become a broader brand for IBM. They are re-lableing much of the product catalog under the Watson brand. It was very difficult for us to ascertain exactly which technology was being implemented. After several sessions to define scope, the project was terminated after 2 weeks when it was discovered that the Hadoop technology we use as a core wasn't compatible with the selected IBM tools.

Netezza, PureData System for Analytics 

Big Data Analytics with good performance but at a price. Poor stability did not help.

Have had a fairly successful implementation so far and have had fairly decent performance implications, but there were issues with stability of the product. Also, the expense of adding scaling is a big consideration for the future.


Drove performance improvements over existing data warehouse.

We met business scalability and performance goals.


Delivers on performance , but DR and Backup seem to be an afterthought.

The sales process was very long. Difficult proof of concept. It would have been nice if there was an ETL engine built into the offering.