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Mixed OLTP and BI Workload, No data movement, Lighting speed SQL. No Problem

Product provides huge CPU, disk IO and software licensing cost savings. Incredible response time improvements in BI Query processing: 20 minute SQL queries now execute in 1 second. Product allows OLTP and BI work load to share same DB2 platform without affecting each other. Eliminates costly data movement and ETL to other platforms. Eliminates requirement to tune SQL and databases for BI purposes. A good understanding of DB2 Data Sharing systems implementation is required in order to ensure ETL processes do not affect OLTP systems. Good understanding of potential data latency issues also required during the BI design process. Once understood, we seamlessly added the IDAA to our DB2 data sharing environment and immediately started receiving calls from our BI end users asking about the instantaneous response times they are now getting. This integration of the IDAA within the DB2 architecture also allowed us to reduce a 5 hour ETL process to 10 minutes elapse time. We are now in a position to implement real time Analytics in the very near future with minimal investment in IT personnel costs.

Netezza, PureData System for Analytics

Implementation was not difficult, however further adjustments needed to be efficient

IBM has been a great partner that help us and make sure the implementation is successful. However sometimes we don't get the fully value of our investment since we may over architected the platforms in the initial stage by not having the expertise in house and completely counting on the vendor's redommendation.


Great initial implementation and support

Very good relationship, they have good Tech Account management team that address issues if not solved efficiently by support


implementation was quicker but the stability of the production took some time

Vendor brought in right solution architects.


Successful implementation despite complex business needs, more thought to scale up

The vendor provided good support in terms of technical assistance and resources for the deployment, which was a large-scale implementation.

PureData System for Analytics

PDOA for better performance

PDOA is more scalable and better compared to its predecessor (iSAS)


Strong warehouse appliance with reasonable cost of ownership.

Support and maintenance are exceptional. As an appliance we don't need to concern ourselves with patching and keeping operating system and database in sync. Performance is exception and platform is very forgiving.


Excellent implementation and vendor support

Netezza is a great product for those looking to expand their data warehouse and improve performance. Queries that took 4 hours in MSSQL took 5 minutes to execute on Netezza. The appliance also doesnt need extensive admin work.


Feature Rich and Fast Cloud Database offering that is about to fully mature

- DashDb beeing based on DB2 is very rich functionaly - having in-memory technology makes it fast too - The product is a bit too new with unexpected bugs - Production support is below standrad - you have to make special arrangements for better support - pricing is in-line with other cloud based databases

InfoSphere DataStage, Netezza

Implementation was easy and upgrades can be better.

Overall implementation went well. We were able to cut down the processing time significantly. Since we were starting from the scratch, we were not aware of any upgrade issues. But later on, during upgrades, it becomes difficult to maintain multiple installs on the same machine. 8.5.0 version has very limited debug capabilities.