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Very pleased partner!

MarkLogic has been great to work with over the past year. They were always willing to partner with us to ensure the clients' needs were being met.


Very impressive technology that will help our business immediately.

MarkLogic is more than just a database that offers a lot of opportunities that will benefit our company immediately. The MarkLogic reps we worked with were outstanding both during our Proof of Concepts phase as well as implementing our Production cluster. The speed to market of MarkLogic was also very impressive, which was key for us.

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MarkLogic is great, once you get moving.

The relationship with the customer is important to MarkLogic.


We were satisfied with the feature, but a built-in OCR document pipeline would be nice.

Easy to install and manage, great performance, full-text search engine.


The Implementation was easy and the overall experience was satisfactory

The overall experience with MarkLogic implementation was satisfactory. We did a POC on it and attended the various training provided.


Good team effort and customer focus

Good customer support and swift resolution to issues in hand. Not even issue is resolved, it's documented for future.


MarkLogic is a proprietary system and there aren’t many people using it, So it needs continuous learning and collaborating.We learnt and now trying to implement more in our upcoming projects.

It was a very new experience for me after working more than a decade in IBM Legacy platform.Marklogic has a very strong support system and technical expertise is easily available along with the training which I feel is just awesome for anyone who want to start something new.



implementation and very short time to market our capabilities. good product support.

Marklogic is a fantastic nosql product which has lot of benefits, innnovative solution and high performance software. good impact on data management, transformation and search api capabilities.


Fast, Reliable database

The speed and flexibility of Marklogic allow for a lot of agility with the data. I have worked with Marklogic as a developer for 2+ years now. While it doesn't have as big as a user base as some other databases and uses XQuery (You can use javascript in version 8.0+) it is reliable and fast.