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Big Data Appliance, Exadata, Oracle DBMS, Oracle Healthcare Data Warehouse Foundation

Implementation was a complete sucess

Great product and services


Exadata as the strategic database platform

Oracle being flexbile in making this work as an Enterprise data platform for high performance data intensive applications


Merging database and Increase Performance and Response times

Faster responses, created ways to merge databases.

Oracle DBMS

Oracle is fine, stay away from Solaris

Not impresses with the knowledge of the var tha twas an oracle specialist


Easy to Implement and great effeciencies

Excellent and cost savings


Performs as Advertised

Implementation was easy. System performs as advertised. Fairly short learning curve as well. Oracle Platinum support has had it's challenges. This seems like an immature process with frequent issues. We have gotten to the point that we require on-shore resources during Platinum support calls.


Implementation went well, sizing needs better estimates

Didn't work well :Deployment took a long time. Sizing was not accurate. Performance is good. Costly endeavor due to sizing accuracy.


too expensive and a difficult relationship

ORACLE is q difficult to work with supplier, yet the project wa finally succesful. Cost too high

Big Data Appliance

Oracle Exadata is a great hammer

vendor has a good base offering, as a framework,

Exadata, Oracle DBMS

Exadata works as advertised. Great performance, solid architecture, reliable HW/SW.

Exadata is probably the best and most reliable Oracle innovation ever. It made managing complex, large RAC databases much simpler and more reliable. Implementation takes times and ACS and OCS resources are not always strong, requiring Oracle account team intervention. OMCS delivers -- at best -- just average management capabilities for Exadata.