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Oracle Database DBMS

Integrated Oracle suite is uneven in quality/feature/functionality but a solid solution

Tight integration is an asset One size fits all is not optimal, and compromises must be made acccordingly Not all suite components are A-tier Oracle is a competant vendor Enterprise licensing is hugely useful, as product can be rolled out as required without budget concerns

Exadata, Oracle Database DBMS

Implementation was easy


Oracle Database DBMS

oracle database

it's pretty good.


Easy migration of existing Oracle DBs on Exadata, very fast platform.

Exadata provided us with a strong platform with the ability to take our existing Oracle DBs and move them all over with virtually no effort. Smaller adaptations in the SQL queries were necessary to get the maximum performance, though. Very fast platform. We are running Oracle OFSAA on it.

Big Data Appliance

only commercial contact

It's impossible to have technical contact, Oracle has no future vision.


Collaboration with them was like a teamwork

It is a good collaboration and work thru with the vendor and always respond to our potential needs with a possible solution.


Implementation was straightforward, but more flexibility is needed from the vendor

Strong partnership, but challenges in sizing the environment, impact on application license is a big factor

Oracle Database DBMS

Oracle 11g in your Enterprise

Great to work with but slow to get answers.

Oracle Database DBMS

Easy to bring into the company

Solid DBMS that fulfils our needs.

Oracle Database DBMS

Tough to integrate data.

Needed performance help from the vendor.