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1010data Managed Service

Awesome experience

There were some grey areas that weren't mentioned in any of the discovery but vendor knew about ahead of implementation but didn't share.

1010data Managed Service

system implementation works great, but toolbox features need to be more user friendly

the system interface works great, very accessible, but in learning environment cannot gauge a learner's progress.

1010data Managed Service

Implementation has been smooth, and the company provides superb customer experience

The company has been very responsive to our needs, very customer focused. They have helped us train on the platform, and provided extensive guidance throughout the ongoing use of their platform. The product has been terrific at what it does, as advertised; there have been no glitches or glaring surprises. The pricing started off very reasonable - we started small and grew gradually over time. At present the pricing, based on several usage/volume parameters, has become relatively expensive compared to new offerings in other cloud environments. The solution is relatively technical, beyond the capabilities of most of our Data "Product" people; we have required extensive IT involvement. Data Management features are very limited; you have to create your own management structures in the product - very flexible but also a lot of effort, and open to misuse or bad design and implementation. The product roadmap has been very agressive; 1010data has added huge amount of functionality to improve the product, especially in their front-end analytic application dev environment.