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Teradata 6000

Proven vendor with existing relationship adapted to changing requirements and delivered

Vendor was very flexible and adaptible to time constraints and was able to submit multiple proposals and turn around purchase and delivery very quickly. This transaction met expectations given the relationship with the vendor and their knowledge of our history.

Enterprise Data Warehouse

Implementation meets the business need

Overall experience with Teradata satisfactory

Active Enterprise Data Warehouse

Great Adoption Enterprise-wide

My experience with TeraData has been pretty good - it's been a reliable DW solution that caters well to enterprise users with great scale

Teradata 2800

The implementation was easier than expected with issues addressed promptly.

Teradata has provided the expertise and guidance we have needed for a successful implementation. There were a couple of instances when things didn't go smoothly, but they corrected them quickly. We are still struggling with the best approach to take on Backup and Recovery, which is the only piece that changes my rating from a 5 to a 4. However, Teradata is still working with us to find an acceptable solution.

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Easy Implementation and expansion

Implementation. Easy to deploy. Managemeent of upgrade. Performance

Enterprise Data Warehouse



Enterprise Data Warehouse

Build In-house expertise for continued value generation

Teradata professional services was competent and overall cost viable vs other offshore providers. The implementation, while initially difficult, went as per plans later and we completed project on time and budget.

Enterprise Data Warehouse

Teradata: Invest early

Experts are difficult to find and very expensive.

Aster Data Systems

Implementation of use cases was relatively easy

Good relationship and Teradata has vast industry expertise.

Aster Data Systems

Easy implementation but still driving the user adoption.