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Teradata DBMS Software

One of the most stable DMBS system implementation

We had a very good experiance with the stability iof DBMS system. In last 2 year never faced any outage situation

Active Enterprise Data Warehouse

Functional but labor intensive

Entire set up and training was extremely labor and time intensive.

Enterprise Data Warehouse, Teradata 2800, Teradata 6000, Teradata DBMS Software

Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse

The hardware is rock solid, relieable and effective. Hardware and database support are Tier 1 onsite in 2 hours or less. Ability to grow the system as the business and need grows.

Teradata 2800

Hands free maintenance.

Great performance. Easy maintenance.

Active Enterprise Data Warehouse, Enterprise Data Warehouse, Teradata 2800, Teradata 6000, Teradata Appliance for Hadoop

UDA architecture is way to go , need to get on SPARK band wagon in big data area.

Teradata is a leader in Enterprise DWH and now have shown great progress in big data space with low-cost appliances, Cloudera or Horton Works tie-ups .There UDA( Unified Data Architecture) has shown better connectivity and application portability between DWH, Big Data, and Data Discovery(Aster) space.

Enterprise Data Warehouse

Great journey and customer service

Professional and good

Enterprise Data Warehouse

Implementation was easy, every upgrade is a pain, value for money in question

We use Teradata for a long time. It seems TD is loosing grip. The value for money is decreasing comparing to competition. They totally missed the begining of Hadoop era. aster is not a response.

Active Enterprise Data Warehouse, Teradata 2800, Teradata DBMS Software

Delivering value is the primary objective

This vendor demonstrates a commitment to ensure we are realizing value from any investments made. Teradata challenges us to make better use of the platform and deliver value to the wider business. This process starts with defining business value opportunities, identifying stakeholders and ensuring what is delivered is robust and repeatable.

Teradata 2800

Over a decade with Teradata, recent to latest appliance and version

Overall the experience has been positive.

Enterprise Data Warehouse

Strong EDW product

The Teradata implementation and Pre Sales team collaborated and made sure that our needs were met