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Implementation would have been easier if our internal team was more engaged

Honestly, I have not had much interaction with the vendor. I have mostly had interaction with an implementation partner and middleware vendor.


Excellent e-commerce solution - affordable and scalable with quick time to value

Promised product improvements were delivered in time for the project - support for Single Sign on as an example as well as improved ERP integration. The solution is highly scalable and flexible. It can be deployed very quickly for a standard storefront experience that is still visually rich while providing strong mobile access. All the basic e-commerce functionality is available through configuration settings, and the solution website has extensive, helpful information on common questions and setup concerns. If basic e-commerce is not enough, capability augmentation can be done without custom coding through an extensive list of already developed partner functionality - complex tax support, product availability, shipping, promotions, etc. And finally, custom enhancement for specific business requirements can be done if needed. The solution has a very current technical stack with excellent API support. The pricing is highly transparent and based on order volume with reasonable "step up" levels that allows an affordable "explore" entry point for e-commerce as well as a reasonable ongoing operation cost. There is a wide deploy partnership network available including international resources. While initially a B2C solution, the vendor has been adding B2B functionality.


Not very happy with Bigcommerce or its performance.

Bigcommerce was not what we expected. They made a lot of promises that they didn't keep are that were just plain outright irrelevant once we had them for some time. They promised the world and then dropped us like flies.