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Magneto Enterprise Edition

Understand core platform functionality so you don't spend money duplicating slight changes

Most of our interaction was with our implementation partner Gorilla. Magento was a strong second chair but could have been closer and given more guidance at times

Magneto Enterprise Edition

A very highly customize-able platform, though missing the ease-of-use mark.

Pro: We're able to develop solutions rapidly. Pro: Highly customizable solution Con: EE 1.* versions are way behind the times in terms of PHP practices, standards, etc.. Magento attempted to resolve this in 2.* versions but greatly increased the overhead of their product in terms of development time, cost, and server requirements Con: CMS is extremely lacking.

Magneto Enterprise Edition

A small marketing team can grow an e-commerce website in a short amount of time.

Magento allows a relatively small marketing team to start up and grow a direct-to-consumer e-commerce website in a short amount of time. We are able to quickly add functionality through third party vendors because many have built extensions for Magento. The admin area is intuitive which allows new hires the ability to "hit the ground running". We have also been able to run our marketplace stores through Magento. The ability to run multiple websites and marketplace stores easily and efficiently has led to YoY growth of 200+%. We run our B2B websites on IBM Websphere Commerce where we struggle to add third party vendors and the admin area takes a great deal of time to learn. Any roadblock we've had with Magento OOTB has been solved by adding a third party extension. The only real ongoing issue we've had is the integration with Mailchimp ESP. The third party extension isn't supporting multi-store now and we're having to consider alternatives. We're also looking forward to upgrading to Magento 2.0 where will be able to schedule our marketing promotions.


Research Vendors! 3rd Party Licensed Vendors Not Always Good

The 3rd party vendor completely ruined the Magento platform for us. They were completely incompetent and our business has suffered as a result.

Magneto Enterprise Edition

Implementation and integration was very smooth

We have been very pleased with the Magento experience and are now considering it for our B2B ecommerce solution. Still in the decision process now for 2017. Over all it's been great with only a few stability issues that were more due to the vendor partner than the software itself.

Magneto Enterprise Edition

Excellent Product Complimented with Outstanding Service

Vendor and 3rd party implementation partner were extremely focused on understanding our use case(s), current technology stack and future roadmap to ensure the final deliverable achieved our objectives. Excellent source of best practice recommendations on things we should reconsider to ensure best outcome for our customers success.

Magneto Enterprise Edition

Basic functionality is good but limited in scope. Reporting is very weak

out of the box functionality is good but limited. A number of 3rd party extensions were required to fully meet our organizations needs. These were not always 100% compatible and continue to require ongoing maintenance from our internal IT organization. Out of the box reporting tools are horrible but we have not found a suitable solution yet.

Magneto Enterprise Edition

Fast implementation and very configurable, important to be independent for customizations

Good platform, very ease to configure. Need to develop your internal team to reduce dependency on 3rd parties since specific paltform experts are scarce. Facilitated our evolution on eCommerce without the big initial investments needed with other platforms.

Magneto Enterprise Edition

Magento Enterprise easy to install and full of features.

Extensive integration to our Oracle ERP added to cost and timeline. Mulesoft used for Oracle-Magento interface. Used a 3'rd parties to stand up, customize, and integrate the application. Hosted the site with SimpleHelix. They specialize in Magento hosting. Used BriteSkies for Magento Implementation and customization. Briteskies did an excellent job. We will keep them for ongoing support and for any extensions. Simple Helix for hosting is easy to work with and have provided excellent support through the process.