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Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware)

"Powerful Cloud Commerce with Scalability Toward the Connected Consumer"

The vendor provided exceptional service levels during the launch and post services. This is the second brand that I've worked at with this vendor -- and overall above average performance.

Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware)

Powerful Business Tool, Solid & Innovative Technology Solution w/Collaborative Community.

I contacted Demandware while in a bit of a crisis (IBM sites down on Black Friday), I needed their A Team, in Spain and FAST. I wanted an honest dialogue, straight-forward approach on how to be successful with their platform. I didn't want to be "sold" something, I want partners who would be invested in my business. I wanted a community of users who were striving to achieve common good/goals - excellence in distributed commerce with innovation, stability and scalability at the forefront /heart of the product. Demandware was at the kickoff and a partner throughout the development and launch process. We pick Digitas LBi out of Amsterdam as our SI and they delivered on their commitment (time, features and budget). I've been at this nearly 20 years and it's rare to find a tool or technology platform which both the sellers and the system integrator can accurately frame the capabilities, development timeline and budget - and stick to their word. The parties understood the capabilities and limitations and were able to guide my team.

Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware)

Powerful tool, but beware of how it is implemented

The platform offers great features, and new ones are added monthly. You need however to be mindful as to how you implement: the previous vendor we worked with didn't rely on the fundations but created custom code which makes the support of native features very difficult. Choose your integrator carefully!

Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware)

Demandware - Good eCom but not so good for retail stores or subscription order

Demandware is a good solution for eCommerce solution but it fall short handling inventory syncronization from 2000 retail stores across nation. It does not offer product subsciption option - you need another 3rd eCommerce solution provider to host product, price and inventory just to offer integrated subsciption offer

Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware)

Need more customer support upfront

Some of the vendors recommendations on initial integration proved to be mistaken. These recommendations caused us to require more development support and stopped us from being able to take full advantage of their platform.

Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware)

Functionality promised is not always delivered

Improved coding and functionality in some areas. Saw dramatic decreases to visitor data at times. Functionality that was promised has been unreliable or undeliverable at this time.