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SAP Hybris in Digital Commerce

Implementation painful but process related


SAP Hybris in Digital Commerce

implememtation was length but that was due more to internal process than the tool

overall good. Some limitations and workarounds were required.

SAP Hybris in Digital Commerce

Hybris Commerce, a good fit for Web and Mobile sales

Hybris Commerce is a newer acquisition for SAP. Support from Hybris has been strong and the product fits nicely into our existing web commerce architecture using Java and Spring. The product also allows us to expand our web services using the standard REST/JSON format which is that standard of the popular web applications. It allows our developers to focus on business outcomes faster, rather than having to develop from scratch the needed functionality. Hybris claims to be omnichannel in focus; however, Call Center and Retail store functionality are very immature. Web and mobile are much more robust.

SAP Hybris in Digital Commerce

Strong but additional features needed

Strong product. Needs additional functionality in accelerator templates

SAP Hybris in Digital Commerce

An implementation of this size is never easy but this is as close as it gets!

Implementing Hybris was not without its challenges, however it was refereshing to use a platform that was so open to using as much or as little of the platform. It was also refreshing to see a product that engaged the best the open source world had to offer rather than trying to re-invent it in a proprietery manner. We were able to cut down our time to market significantly over past experiences while delivering a modern cusomter experience that our whole company is excited about (and that doesn't usually happen in B2B!). Overall we found this platform has set us up for future growth and will allow us to continue to extend and grow our platform to other parts of our business and integrate with others as well.

SAP Hybris in Digital Commerce

Planning is key, and plan ahead, when delivery arrives, your behind the curve already.

Hybris consulting team were great in support, but be sure to get advise on what you might needup front from others. Eg, Cache strategy is key within the application. We partnered with a good SI which was key to staying married during and after delviery of the project. This is more key than the software to some degree.


with good management support, you can implement SAP within a year

We had every major issue fix fast. but some things took to long.

SAP Hybris in Digital Commerce

Smooth Implementation with Roadmap to Delivery.

The implementation went well. There were some customization but Hybris allowed for much of the requested functionality.

SAP Hybris in Digital Commerce, Other...

Implementation was complex and hence broken down into phases.

SAP is mature in ERP domain. However, their venture into PLM was very new, and they had to rely heavily on third party service providers for implementation expertise, and we had to plan a phased approach rather than big-bang implementation.

SAP Hybris in Digital Commerce

Easy implementation, provided design is robust.

It’s good except performance tuning, integration with 3rd party applications also requires detailed design.