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Cost effective, robust but could use more functionality to complete platform.

Shopify and the folks there have been great to work with. Great support, very accessable and quick to respond to questions. The Shopify partner for integration with NetSuite has not been so great, and since they were recommended by Shopify, I gave them the 4 rating above. It also seems that Shopify relies heavily on 3rd party apps for required functionality, some of which are free, but many are not, increasing the monthly cost. It would certainly be advantageous for Shopify to incorporate the more generally required apps, making the implementation and functionality better out of the box. Shopify is still a fairly young company, and is evolving, so we will see what the future holds.


Leading eCommerce with Shopify

This vendor provides cutting edge services and easy integration.


Great for a startup ecommerce solution, not great for enterprise and B2B.

Our primary customers are B2B or wholesale. Shopify is very limited and lacking in many ways, regarding this type of sales platform.