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What are Digital Experience platforms (DXPs)?

A digital experience platform (DXP) is a well-integrated and cohesive set of technologies designed to enable the composition, management, delivery and optimization of contextualized digital experiences across multiexperience customer journeys. A DXP can provide optimal digital experiences to a variety of constituents, including consumers, partners, employees, citizens and students, and help ensure continuity across the full customer lifetime journey. It provides the presentation orchestration that binds together capabilities from multiple applications to form seamless digital experiences. A DXP forms part of a digital business ecosystem via API-based integrations with adjacent technologies. DXPs are applicable to business-to-consumer (B2C), business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-employee (B2E) use cases.

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"Adobe AEM and its backend uses"

I am introduce to AEM a few years back when I was involved with a project call portal management. Portal was a front-end platform for end-user and AEM was a solution for all the changes required for that portal. My overall experience was very good AEM works magically if we want to implement any changes or any update to the portal.

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"Powerful solution for connecting your users, employees, partners - whoever!"

Although this is a newer digital platform that was released by Salesforce, I think that the Experience Cloud does a lot of things really well. Using Experience Cloud is great for connecting types of digital experiences to the CRM that you use every day, and delivering that content to areas where it's needed most - whether that's a portal, various websites, mobile apps, web apps, and even stores!

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"A single system handles everything from building and controlling"

Bloomreach Experience is just what I've been looking for to assist us to expand our customer base and revenues at our firm. This entire system is excellent; all of the features and module interfaces are incredible, and the possibilities are unlimited. Its features include semantic search, which improves product search while also assisting us in becoming more data-driven and actionable to make better judgments. A single system handles everything from building and controlling the complete experience across all channels to product discovery via pathways, defining rules, and customizing the product list to match business objectives. Using adaptive intelligence and consumer data, bloomreach's powerful platform enables us to foresee business results, conduct advanced analytics, develop high-quality content, maintain security, and adhere to regulatory rules. Bloomreach is not only appropriate for overseeing the user experience across a global network of websites, but it also best matches our digital goals.

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"Excited to keep growing with Kentico Xperience 13"

Upgrading from Kentico 12 Portal Engine to Kentico Xperience 13 is bringing large speed improvements on the front end and tangible quality-of-life improvements for our content editors and administrators inside the CMS back end. We have gone from Kentico 12 running on-premise on a Windows server, to Kentico Xperience running in the cloud on Microsoft Azure. Any questions we have along the way, Kentico Support and team has been super responsive, knowledgeable, and helpful. We are looking forward to continuing to build great things together.

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"Deliver personalized and out-of-the-box experience to customers"

Sitecore Experience Platform offers us an all-in-one solution that includes customer data, AI, marketing automation, and analytics features so we can foster customers throughout their experience with personalized content in real-time, via any channel. This is my favorite tool because this is a feature-rich solution with headless options that enable content creation once and distribution across multiple touchpoints. With its intelligent analytics, testing, automation, and optimization features we are continuously improving our customer experiences and saving our time and money.

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"Robust and feature-rich platform that leaves little to the imagination, in a good way!"

From the beginning the experience has been a real blessing coming from a SharePoint site. It really felt like we were making the leap from Web 2.0 to 3.0 with the amount of complexity and flexibility that is baked in and easy to use. We have had a few hiccups like any site has but nothing so ground-breaking that it has impacted performance or experience. The only thing of note would be having two websites on the same system and interacting with both of them at the same time. There will always be moments of weirdness when you have a setup like that.

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"Liferay based solutions provide significant value for both our employees and our customers"

We feel Liferay has strived to keep up with the times and has invested in their tech stack and we have continued to gain value from our deployment. We just signed on for another 3 years and planning 7.3 upgrade currently. We use Liferay as our default bespoke application development platform and also hosting multiple high profile websites

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"Cloud portal that enables digital tactics refurbishment"

This Digital experience platform not only impacts our customers but also the patients around the world to get aware of the recent therapy updates and medical treatment plans. Using this tool, marketing team can centrally operate the digital tactics.

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"Personalized and content-rich digital experiences platform"

Managing corporate data for websites, users, emails, mobile applications, and marketing is fully simple with FirstSpirit that is there to not only help us in content management but also connect our people, processes, technology, and channels to collaborate and create intelligent analytics. Our company's teams can easily create and manage content for any purpose and individual consumer experiences. The greatest thing is that it is here to help us with the same and extensive set of features whether we want to use it as a SaaS platform or on-premise solution.

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"Excellent product and service"

OpenText has made excellent strides over the years since taking ownership from HP. Both the product direction and support are top-notch, which was not always the case with support after the acquisition years ago. They listen to the customer needs as they are looking to improve and make enhancements to the product.

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"All this I can achieve thanks to Pimcore."

This digital platform seems wonderful to me in the time that I have been using it, it is really great to be able to develop my electronic business through and with the support of this software, the creativity that it allows me to have thanks to the flexibility of its functions, achieving the specifications that I want to a final product and that my clients are totally grateful and happy with the service, all this I can achieve thanks to Pimcore, I am really grateful with the large number of functions that are at my fingertips to be able to continue developing different processes and workflows , it's amazing how it can run and weave PIM, DAM, CMS features for better electronic work.

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"Magnolia is simple, flexible yet powerful for all your DXP needs."

From first engagement with the sales team through to deployment of our first site launch, Magnolia have been second to none. Every request or query is answered and solutions are provided in a timely and clear manner.

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"Advanced methods and techniques to have well designed DCX"

CoreMedia delivers a complete cloud-based (SaaS) platform for the personalization and orchestration of Digital Customer Experience. It is a cost-effective system that can compile a robust and well-organized content delivery. The audience targetting is through data analytics and the algorithm is based on past experience and behaviour characteristics. It can be smoothly integrated via API calls with third party services for the import and export of the data. Customer profiles are securely managed to provide completely personalized experiences.

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"Checkout my review on HANA"

I have been using this Hana cloud since 5 years. We have Used HANA DB for multiple projects to store our data for the application. I have mainly used it when i was a part of my previous organization. Cognizant has a lot of projects using HANA and C4C solutions that helped me and my team to optimize the data storage and access it at our convenience.

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"CrownPeak - CMS/DXM Speed to market and flexibility"

Excellent experience with CrownPeak. The flexible architecture allows us speed-to-market advantages. They have a very responsive service from a dedicated customer success team and they have been very engaged in ensuring our success. With CorwnPeak, I don't need to worry about anything breaking when I'm getting new features and functionality - it's a big benefit. I'm not waiting for long periods of time to get new features, templates, and widgets. The savings have been really significant. With our prior architecture, there were a lot of hidden costs. With CrownPeak, beyond lower fees, SaaS delivery also means a reduced need for CMS admins, reduced reliance on IT and network security, or hardware related costs. Our productivity and throughput have increased dramatically.

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"With Ibexa DXP it is less complicated to design digital content"

Ibexa DXP has provided me with a rewarding and enriching experience from the beginning. This software is excellent for managing the web content of any business, which makes it possible to offer a better experience to customers and ensure that what they expect to achieve they can achieve. With Ibexa DXP, digital interactions can be increased more quickly since it has tools adapted to the digital world that help promote more personalized content aimed at a specific audience.

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"An all-in-one digital solution! "

Squiz is one of those platforms which does multiple services under a single roof. To note the major ones, Squiz provided unparalleled CMS and web analytics services which provide immense value to the company.

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"Optimizely will be your best friend to attract more profits."

Over the years this program has helped me solve and direct certain processes and tests through the web, Optimizely Digital Experience Platform a program that helps us create an impact of the company in the cloud in addition to sustaining operations with all staff of work and administration that make up our company in one way or another, Optimizely Digital Experience Platform a software that is urgently needed by any company that wants a stable organization and marketing.

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"Content management and Tracking Customers Journey Now Handled by HCL Digital Experience"

We have tried other digital experience platform for our content management, data management and tracking customers journey but finally we have purchased HCL Digital Experience Platform after evaluating other digital experience platform. With HCL Digital Experience Platform we are doing one to one personalization and displaying offers to the customers when they come online to our website and also sending real-time welcome email notification when they first time signup with our program.

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"Technology constantly changes, but great relationships stand the test of time!"

Enterprise strength, best in class system. Scalable framework. Excellent core product that integrates well with others. Outstanding team.

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Digital Experience Platforms?

Digital Experience Platforms


Define the Business Requirements

"Ensure you have clearly defined business processes and content requirements for better workflows."

Infrastructure and Operations Professional, Manufacturing Sector


Design a Robust Digital Experience Strategy

"Design the site taxonomy upfront, keeping in mind the personalization requirements of a couple of years. Governance practices of the platform should be established prior to the rollout."

Enterprise Architecture and Innovation Professional, Miscellaneous Sector


Test, Train and Select a Platform Based on Employee Feedback

"Establish solid research on the best collaboration platforms. Ensure rigorous testing with multiple pilot groups. What may work for one may not necessarily work for another."

Enterprise Architecture and Innovation Professional, Services Sector


Access Vendor or a Partner’s Support During the Implementation

"Request assistance from the vendor about any pain points you have with the platform. They will partner with you and provide answers and even add requested features to their log for enhancements."

Portfolio and Program Management Professional, Services Sector


Ensure Regular Upgrades for Better Optimization

"Ensure regular upgrades of the platform to efficiently manage your services and maintain better personalized experiences."

Data and Analytics Professional, Services Sector