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What is electronic data discovery (eDiscovery) solutions?

E-discovery solutions automate and facilitate the electronic discovery (e-discovery) process, which includes the identification, preservation, collection, processing, review, analysis and production of digital data in support of the common law discovery process in litigation or other investigative proceedings.

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"Excellent software!"

My overall experience with ZyLAB is excellent. My work department had to handle a small batch of documents manually, which took a very long time. After the purchase of ZyLAB we quickly realized this was a much better way to cope with a large amount of documents. The software is easy to use, customazible and very structured. It's great features such as creating review batches and filtering the documents with filters make it easy for moderators to have a clear and organized view on the documents. Moreover, the service along with the product is very good and fast.

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"Microsoft 365 C&C is amazing!"

In my opinion, the solution works fine. Such as Information Security Analyst, daily I work with this creating policies for improve the user experience.

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"Method for central storage of scattered data for litigation"

Our company attaches great importance to eDiscovery due to trade secret litigation in the United States. Through Enterprise Vault, information is archived in various areas and internal audit are conducted periodically. We are currently reviewing the introduction of Microsoft 365 and we need to archive information on Microsoft Teams as well.

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"Very User Friendly, Great eDiscovery"

We needed an eDiscovery tool that worked across various SaaS applications, including Slack. Logikcull was very quick and easy to use. Loved the way it parses the data and no data cleansing was required on my side, which makes my investigations much quicker.

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"e discovery and more"

Relativity is a very powerful platform for E discovery and more. we have been using this software to process the large set of data and quickly find the important key issues during the internal investigations and compliance operations. easy of use, plenty of options to have control over the data. excellent tool to organize the case files and pepaer e discovery.

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"Driven One for efficient storage"

Having the facility to store my data in the cloud has become a habit and has brought me many benefits. I can have more flexibility, because I can access my data from anywhere and I can also be more efficient as well.

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"eDiscovery Point - Exceptional Service"

eDiscovery Point offers free training and quick responses from our eDiscovery Case Manager. They have excellent customer service and have always been very helpful when we needed assistance.

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"Easy to install and to use"

Excellent product and great support team

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"Working is very time efficient."

Me and my team finds this product so useful. I am using this product since long time and it help me out in the very less time. my team and my company will going to use of all its product as they provide very good service.

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"AccessData FTK will always be the "go to" for deadbox forensics, edisco, etc"

I've been an FTK user for 20 years. Migration to this multi-server deployment was insightful 10 years ago. When I've been asked which of the big 3 would I deploy if I could only afford one? FTK. Easy to use, decent price, does all the stuff from email to unallocated space and reporting is pretty good.

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"Effective and detailed governance"

Not long ago we began to detect some problems regarding the management of information within the company. There were no clear limits for some users and we decided to make use of this tool included in our contract with Microsoft within Sharepoint. Really, the control through governance policies by our IT team performs case management that allows us to control, in detail, what happens in each area.

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"Best Tool and Best People on the Market"

The tool is the BEST tool on the market, but it's the project managers and our account manager that really makes this relationship sing. We cannot thank them enough for all their work and amazing calm and positivity regardless of the scope of the request.

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"legit data"

provides extensive analysis, easy to use. merging reports is flexible and information is up to date. training resources are also available.

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"Discovery Accelerator has ability to search entire Archived data"

I have experience about 7 years for Discovery Accelerator with Enterprise Vault archiving solution. We have Enterprise Vault archiving application with Journaling feature and Discovery Accelerator provides visibility for Entire Archived Data. it is very easy to search or export required data from the archive with using pre defined search criterias. End users only need to have DA Client on their machine to start search operations. There is a lot of options to give role based permission to the end users.

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"Excellent product"

This is an excellent product and the only complete solution that provides this level of capability while keeping the interface user friendly.

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"It is the best e-discovery software in the market but license fee is expensive"

I have been using Nuix for our e-discovery projects since 2014. It allows us to process forensic images of different types of electronic devices such as laptops, desktops and mobile phones. It can ingest terabytes of unstructured data in a fast way with its powerful workers. It can classify the each file based on their type and put them into related folders (.ini files to "system files" folder, .msg files to "email" folder). This helps us to take the relevant files for further review. Additionally, we can perform deduplication to reduce the number of to be reviewed items and OCRing to perform searches on the scanned documents.

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"Awesome applecation for eDiscovery"

Great application for eDiscovery , This application helps us in compliance and investigation projects , litigation workflows, it provides flexibility and scalability to manage to manage eDiscovery process. Overall this application helps a lot in all the aspects of flexible discovery management .

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"Zdiscovery - A Noteworthy e-Discovery Platform"

One of our clients in Insurance domain wanted a solution to streamline all their legal department's activities. The client had a team of corporate lawyers who are daily dealing with litigation cases and it involves a lot of documentation, investigation and many such activities. So, we analyzed the need and requirements and after evaluating various other products we came up with ZDiscovery. Zdiscovery is the best e- discovery application for managing the legal activities smoothly. The deployment of Zdiscovery took almost three months. After implementation it was apparent that the litigation cost has drastically reduced, the risk associated with manually handling the documentations and investigation was cut down and the resolutions to the legal matters was faster. The smart and compact restrictions on data provided by Zdiscovery gave the best understanding and analysis of the data. We would highly recommend Zdiscovery for large organizations dealing directly with people.

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"HPE is great for any type of application"

HPE edicovery is an on point product with great support that tailored to your needs and businesses need

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"Very pleased with AccessData's improvement to the Summation products."

AccessData acquired Summation's iBlaze product and changed to the webbased Summation Pro product. We were considering discontinuing use of iBlaze but with the upgrade to Summation Pro and take over by AccessData, we are very pleased with the product. We use this for smaller cases that we can easily manage in-house. It has saved us and our clients a lot of money since we no longer need to rely on outside vendors for smaller cases. We are able to use Summation Pro to do a lot of case analysis before we decide how to move forward.

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