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AD eDiscovery platform

There are probably worse eDiscovery tools but you'd be hard pressed to find them.

1800 characters is not enough to go over everything that is wrong with this product from top to bottom. Here is a summary list of issues: Agent install via SCCM considered "manual" install and is therefor not a complete install to make the agent functionally complete. Agent, when set to check-in, is error prone and fails to function at all over time. Email collections do not collect 100% of all Exchang emails and is error prone for what it does get. Druva collections are very error prone and require an extreme amount of manual labor to collect from user backups. General stability is poor for the server installation and frequently leaks sockets so that no new network connections are possible. Technical support, all the way to the top tier, are nothing more than queue jockeys for the developers. Development for known errors that are crippling to operations can take years to get an update for. Installation of the software is so complicated that ONLY their installers can perform the task each time there is an update or upgrade. This creates a problem for support of the product because only they know how it works or how to fix a problem. Updates to the software are only possible by uninstalling the entire suite and reinstalling the newer version. Upgrades are the same. Management is lackluster for responding appropriately and intentionally to major client issues when support is failing to do a good enough job. When they let their agent certificate expire causing a massive outage for all of their clients they were unwilling to re-compile a new agent of the same version with a new certificate. They opted to make a workaround solution their permanent solution. You don't call their support when you need them. They call you when it is convenient for them days later. No QA.

AD eDiscovery platform

Reviewing works, but loading leaves much to be desired

The Platform works will for searching and labeling, but proves inconsistent and unreliable when loading large production sets for review. And with very little insight as to what causes the issues, we are forced to stop and restart productions multiple times, thus wasting valuable time and resources.

Forensic Toolkit (FTK)

Good product

Overall a good experience.Good no real issues here

Forensic Toolkit (FTK)

Worthwhile tool set. Needs to be updated more often

Updates are slow, but more often than not, useful features are added. Reliable and thoughtfully designed. The tool set has strong cababolities, but needs to continue to innovate or it will go the way of their main competitor.


Very pleased with AccessData's improvement to the Summation products.

AccessData acquired Summation's iBlaze product and changed to the webbased Summation Pro product. We were considering discontinuing use of iBlaze but with the upgrade to Summation Pro and take over by AccessData, we are very pleased with the product. We use this for smaller cases that we can easily manage in-house. It has saved us and our clients a lot of money since we no longer need to rely on outside vendors for smaller cases. We are able to use Summation Pro to do a lot of case analysis before we decide how to move forward.

AD eDiscovery platform

Implementation was straight forward, and fast. Production has been null.

Support and respone to support tickets has been great. The ability to complete a Case/Project from begining to end without issue is almost impossible. In 6 months, it has only worked flawlessly for 1 week. Consistant issues, the vendor says "I have never seen that before". System up time has been great, but production time has been null. We are now several months behind schedule. Complicated to use, not very intuitive. But, it is very powerfull, and has some great granular control over security.

Forensic Toolkit (FTK)

Great Tool

Good vendor and product

Forensic Toolkit (FTK)

Highly flexible toolkit!!

Allows users to create images, process a wide range of data types from forensic images to email archives and mobile devices, analyze the registry, crack passwords, and build reports.