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EnCase eDiscovery Suite

6.x was great, newer versions are suffering in enterprise environments.

Our expereince with Guidance's Encase software has been one of decline. In their earlier versions (6.x) we were able to quickly parse forensic endpoints remotely in an enterprise capacity. Newer versions have significantly increased our time to connect to remote targets and is pushing our migration from Encase to AccessData or other competitors.

EnCase eDiscovery Suite

Encase Forensics

EnCase Forensic is a comprehensive, industry-standard computer investigation solution - and it does not disappoint.

EnCase eDiscovery Suite

Setup/Configuration was simple and to the point.

Great application overall.

EnCase eDiscovery Suite

Good tool, but a lot of work to setup criteria for jobs.

Good product, but still needs development in user interface and setting up jobs.

EnCase eDiscovery Suite

Too Good to be this Bad.

Far too expensive and I would not do it again.

EnCase eDiscovery Suite, Other...

Installation and deployment can require a large investment.

Snapshot only technology which is slow and not effective for fast and efficient incident response activities. Memory analysis does not exist in the product and requires 3rd party tools. Agent is not a smart agent and must wait for scheduled jobs. Does not support clients off premise and highly relies on examiner services placed throughout an organization.