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kCura Relativity is a robust, scalable, feature-packed document review platform

kCura provides excellent training and support, vendor representatives are knowledgable, approachable, and easy to work with, and the product offers our users world class functionality, scalability, and ease of use.


Great software with great support

Overall, we have been extremely pleased with implementation. The support is top-notch, second to none in the industry. The product is a clear leader in the industry, and looks to be for many years to come; there is very little legitimate competition as far as document review platforms go. For the first several years after implementation, we were delighted with the product's development, was fast and responsive to our users' needs. It has become a bit unwieldy in the past year, though, as their concentration seems to be on increasing speed and support for massive data sets, and while this is commendable and much-needed, it sometimes comes at a loss of functionality and agility, especially for smaller data sets.


Excellent customer support but scalability is key for a successful implementation

kCura is a fantastic company to work with. Their product is flexible, best in class and has an agressive upgrade roadmap. Their customer support is also great which is always appreciated.


Converting users from Concordance to Relativity was an easy process.

Easy to use interface and easy adminstration functions.


Would only take small changes to get a 5

The support and advice teams are incredible to work with. I would not be as efficient without them. The online documentation and webinars makes it easy to learn new features as you need them. The only reason I did not give a 5 is due to issues everytime we upgrade. This is counterbalanced by the excellent support team, but still requires us to take the system down for an entire weekend in case anything goes wrong.


Easy to implement, easy to use.

kCura is responsive to requests. Working with kCura has been an enjoyable experience.


The flexibility overweights the complexity

Very helpfull and knowledgeable support team. Overall it has been a very positive experiance over the last five years.


A slow and steady approach focused on change management worked for us

This was always going to be a difficult project mainly because the product needed to go into two separate departments in a change averse organization. As if that was not a difficult enough challenge the product also had to interface to case management, document management and evidence management systems all of which had their own coding strutures. The senior leadership recognized the need to move from a mainly paper based case approach to leveraging technology to manage more cases and larger cases - the major issue was the lower ranks were somewhat less enthusiastic about the implementation of new systems and processes. kCura were excellent in quickly recognising that change management and sensitivity to changing the business culture were key to a successful implementation, and were able to work with us at our slow deliberate pace. Although we are off to a slow start it is the successful slow start we had planned and which was acceptable to our end users.


Industry Leader

Very positive experience overall

Relativity, Other...

Relativity provides us with all of the necessary tools to support our attornyes.

We have noticed a decrease in kCura's support over the last several months. However, they assured us that they are aware of the decline in quality and are working on resolving the problem.