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Office 365 Security & Compliance Center

Licensing was a mess but the product has great capabilities.

The maze of Microsoft licensing is very confusing. One item that we struggled with in regards to Security & Compliance center was determining what capabilities we had based on the user license. Our environment is a mixture today E1 and E3 so not all features are available to all users.

Office 365 Security & Compliance Center

Great tool when data is needed for lawsuit or retention

No one likes it when lawsuits or data requests come up but having the Security and Compliance admin center available has been great. It's very easy to use and easy to learn. Very straight-forward searching and research. Reports and search results are very easy to download and very clear.

Exchange, eDiscovery Center

Microsoft Exchange/Office 365 is the most mature mail system available

Implementation was completed with the vendor and 3rd-party reseller. Both were knowledgeable and quick to resolve issues as they arose. Implementation was quick and we had very few issues due to the knowledgeable vendor.

Exchange, eDiscovery Center

Office 365 has come a long way and it'll only get better.

Support still needs work. Often time you speak with someone who knows less than you do. There is no way to answer the question of "what has changed" in the troubleshooting process. Ediscovery has come a long long way in the last 3 years since our initial implementation. We use a hybrid configuration and have ADFS running for authentication. I don't think that "single sign on" was described accurately when we decided to implement ADFS. Overall, our experiences more recently are far better than initially (3 yrs ago). For us, we had Exchange 2003 at the time of implementation. We had 2 domains and 2 exchange servers. We were running it on 8 year old hardware. One exchange database was reaching the limitation of the drive it was on. Going with office 365 was easier and cheaper for us in a lot of ways. We didn't have the staff at that time who were knowledgeble enough to have implemented a new on premises exchange server, the money to buy the hardware required, or the money for the licensing. When we changed to office 365, we were able to upgrade all of our users to office 365 and as part of our new EA, we also put all of our desktops and servers and SQL on EA. We were able to finance it over 3 years.

Exchange, eDiscovery Center

Smooth transition to Exchange Online

Overall the migration to Exchange online went smooth. We had some issue with linked mailboxes, calendars and few other minor issues.