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Really great, fast transfer software, easy to use, we love it

We love Accellion File Transfer. Our internal mail servers only allow 10mb files to emailed. This system has enabled us to send large files to both internal and external people. People who receive documents for the first time on the system seemingly have no problem in registering and receiving their files as I rarely have anyone contact us with issues.


Implementation is a bit complicated. You have to know and have the implementation plans.

The product itself without any Enterprise Connector will serve the purpose of file Share and Sync. There are a few issues that we saw upon our implementations and testing such as firewall rules need to be re-verified to assure all ports required are opened before you implement them. Another issue from the Desktop Agent sync interval is 15 minutes the lowest if you are putting files outside of "MyFolder". Web Based URL preview files are throwing an error. We have total about 30-50 issues that we put in the log and work with the vendor to assure it's a smooth product. Finally we've given up and decided to demote Accellion from our project due to bad user experiences.


Clients like the ease of use

Clients, auditors and peers like the ease of use and functionality. We are in the middle of several M&As. Kiteworks was selected and is being used as a critical piece of confidential information exchange over alternatives between three organizations.


Seamless migration to kiteworks from legacy solution

Company is very customer focused and worked with us directly to perform a migration from the legacy product to kiteworks without any data loss. The product works as advertised and provides many integration points. We leverage integrations with multiple other systems and kiteworks. The product team is actively involved in ensuring that the product meets ongoing needs. The CEO and executive leadership values customer feedback and since initial launch of the product a few years ago implemented large portions of the direct suggestions and needs of customers. Accellion has best in class customer support.


Implementation to meet all use cases (hybrid architecture) is ongoing and on track.

Selection of product was relatively simple, implementing to the complicated use cases is proving difficult.


Product has potential, but weigh your use cases and test the product thoroughly.

We performed an earlier PoC, but due to the internal security constraints, we really weren't able to fully evaluate the performance and to a degree the usability of the application.


on-prem implementation can be simple or involved, depending on needs.

Accellion is fairly easy to work with, and receptive to making product changes necessary to meet our needs.


KiteWorks ticks all the IT boxes, but struggles among fans of competing tools.

KiteWorks is full-featured and allows my company to share documents with business partners, while retaining it on premises. Today this is important for my company. Compliance with my company's security and risk policies fit well with Accellion. However, user adoption has not been as strong as hoped, largely due to the less familiar mechanics and appearance of the application. Employees who use DropBox or Google Drive, especially, are less motivated to embrace kiteWorks.


Excellent product for large email attachments.

Ease of use with integration with Outlook.