Synchronoss Technologies (Intralinks)

3.8 out of 5 (9 Ratings)

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Intralinks VIA

Easy setup, good feature set and easy to use

The application is well designed and easy to use. Beyond setting up our taxonomy, we didn't need much assistance from the vendor.

Intralinks VIA

Solid delivery team yielded swift and cost effective benefits

Easy to work with, excellent product delivery team

Intralinks VIA

Roll out is easy but the system only satisfies 50% of our needs.

The product is simple and has not evolved dramatically over time. At the end of the engagement, the VDR archive is painful to access and utilize.


Intralinks VIA

Product is very easy for users to use.

Intralinks management were willing and able to work with us to conform to our Security Standards and procedures and have been very responsive to our needs

Intralinks VIA, Other...

Intralinks Nutures Strong Customer Relationships, Reliability Can Sometimes Suffer

Intralinks is very customer focused. There have been some reliability issues that have affected our related processes.

Intralinks VIA

Good product and cost justified.

Responsive and willing to deliver on expectations.

Intralinks VIA

Realy good organisation to work with, fit all the requirements.

Great Vendor to work with. Adaptable and flexible. Only negative is rigidity of cost model but working on this with them.

Intralinks VIA

Great for employee privacy, but a hinderance to enterprise DLP efforts.

It does the job, but it puts the user's needs ahead of the enterprise. As an enterprise, I want to know what data being shared and who is sharing it. This is near-impossible as Intralinks does not provide a clean way for the entrprise that level of access into my employee's file shares. If I was investigating potential internal data theft, I would either have to get the user's permission to see their files or have Intralinks make me a data-owner, which is visible to the user. This is great for protecting the employee's privacy, but not in the best interest of the enterprise. In the end, this will be the reason we severly limit deployment and seek other options.

Intralinks VIA

Far quicker than developing in-house solutions.

Product / vendor are very good, more flexible cost model and it would be a "5".