4.2 out of 5 (12 Ratings)

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Unique tool that is drives security reporting and data classification

POC to training went smoothly. Product works as advertised and more.


Excellent product to address your Auditing / Compliance Needs

Implementation consisted of knowledgeable parties working with our personnel to implement and train. Support has consisted of professional knowledgeable individuals that quickly address our problems. The software package is solid and allow in-depth notification events and reporting to meet our compliance needs.

DatAnywhere, Intelligent Data Use

Implementation was easy, but we'd like to understand the full breadth of capabilities.

Training was available as needed. Easy roll-out, and capabilities are in line with what was expected.


Good tool. Policy development still important by your organization

Scaling globally would be a challenge.


Does what it needs to, albeit a bit slow.

Attentive and knowledgeable vendor staff.


DatAnywhere is easy to train

The software is user friendly so it was easy to train staff on how to use it.


Varonis DatAdvantage Review

The Varonis suite works well for NetApp FPolicy event collection and monitoring, this largely works on a day later mentality unless you take actions within the GUI to syncronize data. The product also works well for Active Directory event log integration which provides complete visibility to Active Directory object changes. For these use cases, the product works sufficiently with periodic maintenance to keep it running. Deployment can be difficult to server endpoints as it is largely a manual process within the GUI, and all servers (Windows/Linux) require an agent. There is PowerShell integration to automate deployment though the scripts are provided as-is and are not officially supported. The largest hurdle has been the unexpected storage considerations, plan to get hard numbers from similarly sized organizations.


Varonis is a fantastic solution

the product was exactly what was described. The functionality was excellent. Inplementation was very smooth. Even skeptics were impressed with how easily the product works. The reports that come out of it are full of helpful information. We have moved to making all changs to sensitive folder permissions to Varonis


Implementation took quite awhile but the product works wel

Great product


Quick and easy setup, works as advertised.

Easy to manage, support has been good for several upgrades.