Dell EMC (formerly EMC)

4.4 out of 5 (5 Ratings)

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Software seems to be very good, support is excellent, sometimes there are bugs

Some updates have introduced new issues, but support was very good about taking care of these and issuing hotfixes in a quick manner.


Ease of use and implementation

very easy to work with and great knowledge base


Solid "Legacy" Product

When we installed the product in 2008, EMC did a great job of supporting our company and needs. In the past five years, their focus on the product has been very lacking. Examples include: 1) EMC has been incredibly slow to respond with new versions of S1 Offline Access plug-in as Microsoft releases new versions of Office. They have taken 12-16 months to support newer office versions. 2) EMC has yet to offer a S1 Offline Access plug-in for Office for the Mac. This disables our ability to offer a seamless experience to our Mac users. 3) SourceOne still access the backend Exchange Datastore via a "legacy" MAPI protocol rather that Exchange Web Services as competitive products do. In circumstances where a user has a large number of folders in their inbox (> 1000 folders), this results in a Max ESE session error and a short-term "outage" on that database. EMC has little interest in re-developing the tool to use modern protocols.


Ease of setup and conversion from our old platform was seamless

The hardware and software platforms required for this initiative set the baseline for larger initiatives within our organization. The ease of setup and conversion from our old platform was seamless and allowed us to be successful with minimal interruption of service to our customers.


EMC SourceOne and Isilon is a solid product.

Isilon is a solid product but implementation took long. We are now using and looking forward to realizing its benefits.