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Informatica ILM

Serves core data integration needs well. DDM leaves a lot to be desired.

Informatica PowerCenter and PowerExchange have been very capable products that provide a very comprehensive base level of data integration capability; although it is quite a steep learning curve before our developers became reasonable proficient. Informatica TDM is built on top of PowerCenter and has also been a very intuitive extension of the PowerCenter capabilities to provide lifecycle/test data management. Informatica DDM however is a very disappointing offering. It looks, behaves, and operates exactly like an acquired third party package. It shares no commonality with the rest of the Informatica platform, and simply does not have the same level of sophistication. Informatica support has been very lack-lustre. Although vendor 1st line support is initially responsive, any escalations take progressively longer amounts of time, with more "finger pointing" as the complexity of the issues get revealed. Fortunately, product issues with Powercenter, Powerexchange, and TDM have been fairly minor and rare. DDM on the other hand, has had more issues, as it is a less mature offering and its capabilities have been seemingly overstated.

Informatica ILM

Implementation was fairly painless, product OK but healthcare tools need maturing.

Overall the product suite, once understood and integrated met most of our needs. The amount of products and integration is somewhat confusing and took a long time to understand. The vendor oversold their ability to archive healthcare applications.