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implementation easy

good overall experience


Technical support and customer service made implementation very easy.

Customer service and technical support is the best in the business!


Implementation of the technology was easy. Migration of data was time consuming.

Product is great, and works as expected. Any problems with the inplementation were caused by the large amount of data we were migrating.


Amazing User Inferface allows users to easily find archive email with minimum training

Our users are very satisfied with the archiving system. We have found the cloud archiving to be very secure and the tamper resistant chains of custody maintain integrity as well as an amazing back-up system. Search results speeds is on Outlook mailbox and archives email is one of the biggest compliments from our users. This has improved because having a great user interface allowed us to implete a 6 months retention on all emails in Outlook's Inbox and Sent Messages and a 30 day retention on Deleted Items. Since Mimecast allows for replication of Outlook subfolders, our users are extremely please that access to older messages are only two clicks away since Mimecast is an ribbon in Outlook. The vendor is very responsive and the product is very user friendly. We have also pleased and received additional discounts by using Mimecast for our Large File Send and Securing Message system as well. We have also been please with the response from the vendor and the enhancement to the user interface in the last couple of years.


Free up internal resources for more important things

Mimecast archiving has allowed us to free up considerable on-premise backup resources, as well as the time devoted to maintaining that backup. Mimecast's end user interface let our users block Expense Report approval e-mails via an attempt to block legitimate spam. Support's response when complaining has been that it is working as designed. I have praise for many aspects of Mimecast, but support is very lacking and inflexible when you bump up against ill-thought out developer decisions. I would be very cautious. The implementation was the best experience of any vendor I've worked with. The implementation engineer was very knowledgeable and clearly not working from a script.

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Delivers a large archive requirement migration, with great quality and performance.

Mimecast provided reasonable timeframes and expectations for migration of 38 Terabytes of archive from old cloud provider to new. They have met or exceeded all milestones, and product is superior to old vendor product. Endpoint and mobile implementation has been fast and easy to use.


Mimecast Archiving Just Works.

Onboarding and continuing support has been easy to get and is very efficient.


Mimecast is the right tool for your organization.

Mimecast has been an absolutely fantastic addition to our IT portfolio and has addressed many concerns for our organization to include DR, Archive, Message Hygene, eDiscovery, DLP, Policy Control, and Reporting all from a single easy to use administrative console. The onboarding process was well documented and achieved in a seven step approach. The Account team has provided regular follow ups and demo's for new features, roadmaps, and engaged us with the product development team to vet new ideas and features. The Support team has provided excellent guidance on specific requests and the knowledge base is the best I have seen from any vendor. We were able to effectively remove four message/security related applications from our application portfolio, to include the annual contract and licensing cost for each, and reduce our physical footprint in the datacenter. Upon implementation and user adoption training, we have been able to apply message retention policies on our mail enviroment while providing our end users with a robust archiving solution that includes folder structures. The Mimecast mobile app has also provided flexibility to our remote or mobile users across most devices. If you are looking for a solution for all your messaging challenges, I would encourage you to reach out to Mimecast.


Implementation was intutive, operations needs training.