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ZL Unified Archive

Powerful solution, but complicated to effectively implement.

The solution is generally designed well and the company takes pride in their solution and works hard make implementations successful.

ZL Unified Archive

Initial Implementation was easy, getting to 100% deployed took some time.

Developed good and trusted relationship with the vendor.

ZL Unified Archive

A powerful product with a responsive support and sales team, and innovative roadmap.

The vendor was very responsive from a support perspective. The vendor has significantly customized their application to meet our requirements. The architecture scales well - just added more servers. The configuration was complex and we often need assistance from the vendor for troubleshooting. Our end-users thought the user interface looked outdated, not modern. Our legal team found the case management, indexing, and import/export features not intuitive. Appropriate training and documentation is needed. Their support engineers are very knowledgeable and reliable. e-Discovery is excellent, provided the right h/w is in place. The product seems to work better with Exchange than Domino, perhaps since the Domino market is on the decline.