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What is e-signature (Electronic Signature) Software?

Electronic signature (e-signature) encompasses a broad category of methods that can be applied to an electronic document to capture intent to sign, consent, and, in varying degrees, provide document authenticity, integrity and nonrepudiation. An e-signature can have the same legal status as a handwritten, wet-ink signature on a paper document when implemented in compliance with the laws or regulations applicable to the parties involved. An e-signature product is expected to offer, support for ad hoc and human-initiated use cases, flexible workflows, Integration with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) business applications, as well as in-house or custom-built applications via APIs, and document data integration and validation.

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"Easy to use tool that helps sales teams be more efficient"

I am new to the AE role, so this is my first time using any tool similar to DocuSign. I work with a lot of tenured AEs and I do hear there are some things that they'd like approved, however, I really like the tool. The way that DocuSign has helped my team at company set up the tool makes my job very easy. 'Creating an envelope' is particularly what I use it for, and it's very simple and quick to do. It would be nice if the titles we use for DocuSigns were saved in a 'history' of sort. Because we are often using the same title and just switching the company name, that would save time and make us more efficient. I love how it connects credit card forms with proposals, that feature is great and makes it easy for my partners/customers and I to use. Overall, I'm a huge fan of DocuSign and look forward to seeing how they improve as we continue using their tool.

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"How Adobe Sign assisted in document verification during the pandemic."

Adobe Sign made authenticating internal documents easier at the time where everyone was afraid to touch anything that someone has already touched.

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"Create and scale eSignature workflows with signNow"

signNow is an honor-winning online endorsement arrangement utilized by a great many individuals to sign, send, and oversee reports on any gadget. The program is very simple to utilize and explore. Furthermore, it seems our customers think that it is not difficult to use too. We've never had any grievances or inquiries from them. We tackled the issue of getting marks from customers all around the country without trusting that a printed version will be shipped off them and afterward sent back to us. We love the ease of use for e-signatures. It is easy software to learn for new employees, and being a law firm we have a lot of documents that need a signature. This software makes it easy for us to get it done! We use SignNow so when customers join with us, there's a tiny postponement between when we address the customer and when they can sign the agreement. It has expanded our transformation rate since we never again must have customers print an agreement, filter it in, and email it back to us.

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"Secure and flexible way to digitally sign contracts from anywhere"

GetAccept is a cohesive product that has addressed a plethora of challenges in our complex corporate environment very immediately after adoption. We no longer need to wait for our client's signature to continue working on projects, and we also don't need to go to obtain a single signature. Its integration with many systems enables us to easily obtain data from any source we need, and the entire process is made more delightful by the option to lock and encrypt agreements and contracts for clients using a password. User-friendliness, various customization options, a simple connection with the majority of key services, and a few of the most crucial features anyone ever needs from a digital signing platform are all available in GetAccept. GetAccept is the quickest and most convenient method to sign, send, and handle documents all in one place.

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"Simplify signing process with electronic signature"

HelloSign is the most effective and electronic signature tool that we are using in our organization to sign our documents, and contracts with remote clients over the world. It can secure the required signatures in a fast and secure manner and also helps to make the contract process easy. It is the most efficient and customizable signature technology that makes our contracts, onboarding paperwork, and other agreements quick and easy. Using HelloSign we save our precious time and improve our skills to follow progress and audit contract compliance. It also saves more money than we spend on printing documents and using couriers for hard copies.

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"Premium platform for digital document sign-in with automated flows."

Zoho Sign is one of the great platforms that belong to Zoho Universe for digital signature. Zoho Sign beats all other competitors and leading in the market nowadays for eSignature. No need to worry about security and reliability because Zoho's all products are secure and reliable. It follows a lot of security protocols strongly, they suer public-key cryptography with AES-256 encryption which make me tension free regarding safety purpose. Very easy to use all components just because it's super user-friendly which is why eventually it saves a lot of time for users. Just within a minute complete processes such as creating, sending, sign a document will be completed. Employees and contractors both liked the self-sign feature for generic documents just because it's very easy and handy. Integration with third-party API is also very smooth. Very easy to sign digital documents just from Gmail, even signed documents can be shared through Google Drive, DropBox, Box, OneDrive, etc. The platform supports a lot of document formats i.e pdf, jpg, jpeg, doc, etc. Whenever recipients perform any action on the given document to sign then the platform will send a real-time notification to acknowledge the action of the recipient. I would say the customisation feature is super cool that is why the layout and design are neat and clean. Platforms provide instructions to users during almost all flow of the sign-in process with the help of an auto-populated alert. Even a layman can also understand "How to create a digital document and how to send it?". The overall cost is also not much expensive as compared to other vendors in the market. So without any doubt, my overall experience is fabulous and I am really loving it.

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"EmSigner helps us in the management and flow of all company reports or files"

It is important to know that the administration of different processes inside and outside the company and the work dynamics is fundamental for the growth and credibility of a company, emSigner is the one that will give you the support to organize and manage different processes that arise in various work areas, emSigner has been helping us for many years in the management and flow of all the company's reports or files, such as all the labor information of the workers of our company as well as the accounting part of our partners and clients who want to invest with us.

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"Awesome customer service and a really user-friendly tool."

Even for those with no technological knowledge in our firm, we found the software to be highly straightforward and simple to use. It's a simple-to-use solution that can be integrated with other tools for a seamless experience. Our documents are secure since they are encrypted between sender and receiver. It also allows us to obtain digital signatures via video conferencing. It's a digital channel for communicating with customers and closing agreements electronically and quickly. It includes several layers of protection that allow us to verify our identity and access our files. My first impressions of OneSpan Sign are that we've considered everything. The tool is user-friendly and versatile enough to readily integrate with business workflows.

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"Globalsign is a new way of enabling trust on digitial industry. "

They provide high quality products with best support services.

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"I do recommend Nitro Sin as the ideal software for document editing."

I have liked the work I have been doing with the help of Nitro Sing software. The program allows you to provide more detail to the documents and is even perfect for use with various types of formats since it has a wide range of compatibility. With this software you don't have to have more systems since you can do everything, from typing files to editing them in one simple place.

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"The certainty provided by this platform is very good."

This program is excellent to bring harmony and a correct community with each of the companies with which any type of business is being executed, rightsignature works as that tool that gives you the readability that is needed to continue with any document of the company, this program nicely applies an electronic signature from a sister company to finalize an operation in case of not being present or simply an operation that was handled entirely on the web.

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"Very good solution for electronic signatures and outstandig vendor"

The collaboration with the vendor through the whole process of getting the solution up and running for us as well as their hyper care was outstanding. All of our topics and problems were covered. The solutions is constantly improved and enriched by new features.

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"Outstanding customer service for an outstanding product. "

PandaDoc was very easy to deal with. I was during the pandemic and suddenly needed a digital signature service. I looked at a few but PandaDoc's team was the most responsive and helpful. They listened to what I needed and wanted and took the time to show me the features that would meet those needs. I was happy to have someone I could call or message with questions.

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"The advantages of implementing MSB Docs in my work area are many"

The advantages of implementing MSB Docs in my work area are many, the work is much more effective and organized, thanks to this program I avoid the excess paperwork that I can generate with any other program similar to this one, but MSB Docs has demonstrated a great difference thanks to the simplicity and quality of its function, we have been operating with this great tool for a long time and the experience has been a resounding success for the administration of our company, with a high safety margin in each of the processes.

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"Citrix RightSignature works as an immediate support."

Citrix RightSignature has shown me that it is an excellent choice to work with one to manage all my documents on the web, the strength of this program is the certainty and quality with which I can replicate and reproduce the original signatures to give authenticity to the document and report that corresponds to it, thus giving it the credibility and responsibility that is required on both sides of the negotiation, companies can be sure of operating with this program thanks to the fact that it complies correctly.

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"Best quality product in recent product range"

Signeasy is as easy as just signing a piece of paper

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"Make the route of approval transparent and trigger notification automatically"

Moving to the paperless document approval is the future and this tool has made the remote transfer of contracts through virtual sign really effective and simple.

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"A great addition to digital document management"

We have been making use of SigniFlow's excellent service for many years with success. They are quick to respond to support requests and answer questions. They were hands-on with the implementation and training of users. The EasiSign features have been a fantastic addition to their product range allowing the teams to sign with ease and multiple documents simultaneously. SigniFlow was implemented with success into the organization's CAD process to allow the engineers to digitally sign the final drawings. SigniFlow was invaluable in reducing our paper-based workload and an added benefit to our digital document management process.

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"Excellent digital signature tool, perfect for any organization"

Overall, SignRequest has a pretty nice user interface, it's clean and uncluttered, which makes it easy to use. It allows you to upload PDF documents and at the same time choose where the signatures are required, you just have to write an email message and send it to whoever needs the signature, the process is quite fast and simple and I love that because it eliminates the missing signatures, postal mail and the purchase of stamps in case they are documents that must be sent out of the state. Also, it has the facility that the signed orders come directly to your email so you are informed instantly. In addition, the platform offers the option for admin users to send reminders to pending e-signers, which I find fantastic.

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"Encrypted Emails Made Easy "

We use Rmail internally and the team seems to like it. Rmail helps encrypt our incoming and outgoing emails and therefore keep our internal data safe.

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