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What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the use of the email channel to deliver and optimize marketing messages — such as brand newsletters or contextually relevant, real-time and personalized communications — in support of multichannel engagement across the customer life cycle. Transactional email messages can also cross over into email marketing programs to the extent that, for example, account statements include promotions or offers based on customer insights.

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"Mailchimp is All-In-One Email Marketing Solution"

What should I say about Mailchimp, Its one of the leading email marketing solution platform in the market. I would say that Mailchimp is taking care of all my email marketing campaigns like sending welcome emails, sending emails to the customers who did not opened from previous emails, sending bulk emails with customized offers, sending promotional emails, sending one to one personalization to the customers and sending all real-time notifications emails regarding order confirmation, password reset, login confirmation, order delivered and order shipment etc.

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"Improve your business in every way possible"

It's distinct from other MAs since you may build up internal operations and improvements instead of sending emails. For the most part, consumer communication is achieved through lead nurturing, event programming during events, and other clever marketing strategies. Engagement programs will be easy to modify, eliminate, or add content once the operating conditions and materials are in place.

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"SendGrid Marketing Campaigns is user friendly email marketing Platform "

One of decent and recommended email marketing platform which tells you the exact meaning of sending out emails to the customers. It has good delivery rate as well take care of your spam, subject line testing, winner qualifiers, A/B testing and able to understand your personalization as well good for sending bulk emails.

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"Great product that we use regularly."

This has been a very helpful product that has met our needs for sending out mass emails. It provides the features we need and has filled an area we were lacking in.

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"Our company Loves Smartech"

I've worked with the Smartech/Netcore team for almost 2 years. My experience has been exceptional. The Account Management team, as well as the Customer Care team, are always quick to respond - I usually receive a reply to my inquiries within an hour, even if it's just to say let me know they're investigating. Everyone I've interacted with has been professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. The Netcore team was extremely patient with me as I learned the platform and they continue to go out of their way to make sure I'm happy with the tool and with my Netcore experience. I am. Moving to Netcore has significantly cut the time it takes to set up and schedule a newsletter, and the platform makes segmenting our audience super easy. With Netcore, we have seen a significant increase in our email open rate. Our open rate before Netcore was 12-18%. Our current range is 18-40% with an average of 30%. Amazing! Netcore promised a higher open rate than what we had seen in the past, and they have delivered on that promise. They've also been great at providing ideas and tips for improving CTR, and they are proactive in reaching out if they see something negatively affecting our domain reputation. The Netcore team has been a fantastic partner overall!

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"Leading Email Marketing Solution"

I was IBM Unica campaign marketing manager and moving from Unica to Adobe Campaign is one of my greatest achievement for being multi solution architect. As per my experience I would say Adobe Campaign is one of the powerful email marketing and marketing automation tool in the market.

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"HubSpot Marketing Hub is taking care of all my Personalized Email Campaigns"

HubSpot Marketing Hub is one of the popular email marketing tool for doing end to end email marketing campaigns starting from creating email templates, creating workflows to pull customers profile, sending personalized email campaigns, and taking care of its deliverability. It also gives you the reports of campaign effectiveness which checks mail open, link click for overall population mail sent.

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"Perfect Email Marketing Solution for Sending Personalized Email Marketing Campaigns"

This Email Marketing Platform does it job really well and it sends out all your email marketing customized mails to your loyal customers without any issue. This can done through passing multiple content by using java script code trough which we are passing all our dynamic content, so that customer should receive appropriate mails based on transaction history or based interest. Overall its really great and perfect email marketing solution for our organization.

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The overall experience of SalesForce Marketing Cloud is really good and worth it. Healping a lot in understanding customer and their usege and move accurately. Making customer more comfortable and easy is making our organization to grow.

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"Emma Takes Care of Sending Personalized Email Campaigns"

Emma is giving all the email marketing solution starting from creating email templates with its email editor and creating email deliveries from HTML, Java script, CSS. Its one of the decent and recommended marketing platform which tells you the exact meaning of sending personalized email marketing campaigns.

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"One of the best Email Marketing Tool"

Great experience with Zeta Marketing Platform because its license is not that costly as compare to other email marketing solution. Zeta Marketing Platform combines the billions of unique data identities with AI to provide personalized, omnichannel experiences enabling customer acquisition and retention.

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"The platform to take your email marketing another level. "

Selligent Marketing Cloud is an excellent platform that is alternative to Salesforce,it offers campaign creation tools for email,mobile and web,to help you develop a truly integrated dialogue with your customers. Also to deliver the kind of personalization that they expect. Through this platform there is several features that has really worked tremendously,like, Encouraging visitors to sign in. Its a simple way to get to know your customers better and communicate with them on a more personal level. Make content relevant to subscribers. While all your email subscribers all have one thing in common its important to remember that they all interact with media differently and have varying tastes, interests and preferences. The more the customer is unique individuals and tailor email to his or her specific needs and behaviours the more successful your personalized email marketing campaign will be.

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"Delivra Review"

Delivra offers endless personalization options and a clean, professional format. The tool greatly enhances the ability to reach wide audiences in a time-effective manner. One of the biggest solutions to capture potential customers is the creation of email marketing campaigns and for this purpose, Delivra has a large portfolio of tools and a solid editor to design professional emails.

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"Finest Email Marketing Solution"

I do recommend Act-on Marketing Automation Platform to all our digital marketers out there. It has all the ability to automate all your email marketing campaigns without any issue. You can take care of designing of email templates, creating workflows for multiple email campaigns which include promotional, Inbound and Outbound email marketing campaigns. So my overall experience is great with Act-on Marketing Automation Platform.

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"A solid ESP that will get you sending emails quickly"

We've recently moved over to Iterable and it's been a very smooth process. Our integration team was knowledgeable, helpful, and flexible, and got us comfortably settled into the program quickly. Very happy to recommend Iterable to others if they were looking for a new ESP that has strong ad hoc campaign capabilities, workflows, and segmentation.

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"Email Campaign Became easy with SpiceSend Email Marketing Tool"

I would say SpiceSend Email Marketing Tool is one of best cost effective and perfect email marketing solution for all enterprise organizations starting from small to big. We have created multiple real-time API events, batch email campaigns which sends all our daily emails. Its email designer is easy to create any email templates and you can also create dynamic email templates for personalizing all your email campaigns.

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"Maropst is great for Email Marketing"

One of the best email marketing tool for managing email marketing campaigns and sending personalized and batch emails. It is useful in creating Inbound and Outbound email marketing campaigns which include ad hoc campaigns and real-time campaigns based on customer transaction and workflow triggering via API flows very nicely.

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"Moengage Customer Engagement Platform is one of Best Email Marketing tool"

I love using Moengage Customer Engagement Platform for sending out Email notification to the customers, sending bulk personalized emails and sending hybrid offers to the customers for driving traffic to our website and mobile application. I have created multiple API events for sending out real-time email notifications regarding transacions details, order confirmation, password reset and login confirmation. So my overall experience with Moengage Customer Engagement Platform is good and I would recommend it to other digital marketers as well.

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"Advanced Email Marketing Tool For Agencies"

Responsys is great product of oracle. We can create number of email campaigns easily. In Responsys software there are advance functions to execute email campaign. We can set time on email campaign for different countries to gain good response. It provides drag and drop option to design marketing campaigns dynamically by self and test on mobile and desktop before launch campaigns. Overall we can say it is best tool for business lead generation in less budget.

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"Send Unique Email Campaigns with Benchmark Email"

I am reviewing Benchmark Email because if anyone is looking for decent and cost effective email marketing solution please go ahead and purchase Benchmark Email license. My overall experience been great with Benchmark Email because it has all the email marketing features starting from managing your customers profiles to doing end to end email marketing campaigns. You can send your daily emails, deploy bulk personalized emails for your upcoming promotions and also send real-time email communication to the customers based on transactions.

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