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What is Email Security Software?

Email security refers collectively to the prediction, prevention, detection and response framework used to provide attack protection and access protection for email. Email security spans gateways, email systems, user behavior, content security, and various supporting processes, services and adjacent security architecture. Effective email security requires not only the selection of the correct products, with the required capabilities and configurations, but also having the right operational procedures in place.

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"Great Solution For Email Security Needs"

So far what we have deployed and have in use in our org has been great. Our support and technical support have been helpful as well with any requests that are made.

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"Avanan - Must have for phishing protection. (Two Year Review)"

Overall this product has been great for us and stops many of the phishing emails that make it past traditional mail gateways or even Google's built in tools. Two Year Edit: This product has only gotten better with age, recent updates have greatly improved the user interface and detection abilities remain on point. I highly recommend this product to anyone who uses GSuite for mail and file services, this especially holds true for educational environments.

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"Excellent level of protection / Capabilities are endless to fit your environment"

The level of protection against phishing and spam emails right from the start has been a significant quality of life change for the entire company. Being able to configure protection policies against impersonation attempts, various dangerous file types, URL rewriting, and have employees receive 'held' message notifications periodically throughout the day to act on without needing to call into the service desk has been great. We spent a considerable amount of time creating and tweaking our protection policies to fit our organization, as everyone will have to, but overall it was a smooth transition that has been arguably the best security solution possible for us to put in place in recent years.

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"Good E mail Security tool with the Bundle Solutions. "

For E mail security, we are using Barracuda from last 01 Years, and happy with the performance, Three a lot of features who help you for keeping more secure the your mail data and other Email threats and keep you safe from the today most danger attache called phishing. In this Cyber Era there are very much challenge to keep The mail and the users secure from the mail threats and the phishing attack. After Using Barracuda very have varied much success to control this type of issue and stop the unwanted mails.

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"Cisco Secure Email is a solid product. "

I am very pleased with my experiences with Cisco Secure Email. I have used other similar products but they lacked Cisco's ease of use and large amount of guides and FAQs to aid with troubleshooting. I also really enjoy that people can enroll themselves and can reset their own password instead of this needing to be done by an administrator. All that said it is important to point out that I did not set up the platform in our environment, I just address escalated questions and concerns from end users.

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"A fantastic and affordable product that addresses the security shortcomings of M365."

Trend Micro CAS product was easy to understand, a robust roadmap with proven technologies. The product was easy to assess, evaluate, trial, implement and integrate. The analytics, reporting and detections speaks volumes. The amount of stuff that passes through Microsoft's security products and offerings and goes undetected is scary and disappointing especially given the amount of money it costs to subscribe to all the ATP products, Shame on Microsoft for not addressing security in its products 'out of the box'.

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"Fortimail - great solutions to email problems"

We implemented Fortimail in our organization few year ago. It helped us to manage and protect our users and mailboxes from emails containing viruses and other email attacks. Deployment with help form vendor was easy and took less then 8h. Now Fortimail is essential system that provides us peace of mind.

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"Email Security Cloud a solution for email protection in cloud or on-premises environments"

an excellent product, with several technology for email protection. has good control of SPAM, Antivirus, its modules for image protection and its integration with SymantecDLP

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"Feel The different Email gateway Server using Symantec Messaging Gateway"

I have experience with Symantec Messaging Gateway, before implemented SMG my email server ever 3-5 time attacked by external, i really so busy with that problem, finally i found the system email gateway is Symantec Messaging Gateway. Overall i can configure my email gateway very easy and also to protect my email server with good detection virus, ransomware,exploit email, SPAM from all IN SMG. I really happy SMG have on-premise version

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"Abnormal Security practices excellence in email security and customer service"

The Abnormal team has been fantastic to work with. I truly feel as though I have a partner who is working with me to protect our employees from advanced email threats. The deployment was easy and I have consistent conversations with our Technical Solutions Manager who is readily available for any questions, concerns or recommendations. The product and team at Abnormal has truly been remarkable.

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"microsoft defender for office 365-gives peace with mail security"

Microsoft defender for office 365 is one tool ha has been a very effective one o sort out one of the most challenging issues with mail security and compromises that threaten our organization and personnel. before Microsoft defender for office 365, we had exchange and all securities in-house with various tools and security software but faced problems and issues day in day out. now the issues have been reduced to a minimum and that too, due to negligence of the user. we are ver satisfied to use the tool from Microsoft. we are planning o upgrade from P1 to P2 to check how it goes.

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"A very capable product that delivers on its promises"

Product delivers exactly what was promised and continues to work diligently in the background. We have limited capacity, so we this solution does support us with our cyber security resourcing.

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"Best tool for protection against online threads."

In our organization Data is a very important factor, so the protection of crucial data is the most important nowadays for that Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOT) comes in the main role. Microsoft EOT is best when it comes to online mails protection. It protects you from unwanted threads, Malwares, spam. It also does not require more attention while working it scans every mail analyzes for any potential threat and if any suspicious mail is found take required actions against it. Also forwarded to admin for further investigation so provide more control to admin.

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"The product you need before its too late!"

Tessian is a fantastic product that offers exceptional user experience combined with a proactive tool for IT administrators which gives a massive boost for awareness and security.

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"A must in Back office email management"

Fireeye Email Laundry provide a complete inbound email solution. These appliance check all the email entering you domain, verify the link, detone the Office/software/document attached and stop all malicious content. The interface is very easy to use and looks like a spam filter with many other feature.

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"For defense in depth, IRONSCALES is a great phishing protection layer."

IRONSCALES has provided us a solid solution for protecting our clients from phishing attacks and business account compromises. The rapid response and alert notifications has protected our clients from emails that have slipped past other layers of email security.

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"Securing Emails with Forcepoint Email Security"

Nowadays emails are constantly being targeted by spam, phishing attacks and other threats and forcepoint email security does all the heavy work for us in staying safe and secure from malware and threats. It offers plenty of security features that are very helpful and helps us in building a secure network.

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"Proofpoint is the best tool for security training and implementation you can buy"

Our overall experience has been great. Really easy deployment.

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"Flexible and secure solution"

Great features that blend in well with Office365; while there are many options to deal with email security, we found this to be a winner.

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"An incredibly excellent product with a lot of interesting features, a really hidden gem."

Email security is a great product for processing incoming email in our organization. Since the installation we observed a drastic reduction in threat through e-mail and the self service portal (and the ability to send a daily interactive report) has streamlined our spam management with significant contribution by users.

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