Sophos (Invincea)

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X By Invincea

Does not work as advertised in our environment; highly disruptive to user experience.

Highly disruptive to the user experience. Does not work in our environment as represented at a sale. Document protection could not be enabled due to severe disruption to the function of other products (Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Adobe Reader, etc.) and inability to properly deal with VBA and other macros. High levels of false positives flood our logs. IMS Console is hard to navigate, provides much data but little actionable information. No metrics, inquiry, or reporting capabilities. If you think you can sleep at night knowing this product is protecting your organization, think again.

X By Invincea

Malware infections including zero days end the day that you deploy this!

PROS - Exceptional product and the future of malware protection. Easy deployment and user friendly, prevents zero days and many other types of malware. Have used this product since it's inception and it has contained malware 100% since first deployment. CONS - Very difficult to get your hands on. Must go through reseller to purchase.

X By Invincea

Most valuable protection I have against cyber threats

Very customer oriented. Very talented staff. Easy to deploy and maintain. Nearly transparent to the end user.

X By Invincea

Great product for endpoint protection

The vendor has been extremely responsive to our needs.

X By Invincea

Invincea X is a key part of our anti ransomware defenses

Vendor is very responsive to issues. User experience with X is much improved compared to prior container version.

X By Invincea

Invincea works

Slow start, but good relationship now

X By Invincea

Invincea X adds greatly to our in-depth desktop protection

Very happy, implementation, operability, reporting and customer support

X By Invincea

Great for enterprise sandboxing and security.

Provides great protection for outside files, as well as sandboxing web browsers.

X By Invincea

Dam it works! But keep an eye on end user experience.

Fantastic on containerization and advanced polymorphic maleware prevention. A bit too disruptive to many end users. Also did negatively impact end user experience.