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Avecto Defendpoint

Strong Post Sales Support and works with low support from IT Staff

Strong post sales and technical support. Goal for our vendors is to create strong partnership after sales and Avecto met this requirment. Product also is very well made and have had very little support issues.

Avecto Defendpoint

In my opinion, an essential product for endpoint security strategy

I find this product to be an excellent way to tackle the 'administrative privilege' issue that every IT department has to deal with. As someone who has had to manage OS rollouts, going all the way back to NT, the one headache I was always faced with was the 'administrative privilege' challenge. There was never an easy way to tackle this. I had learned of Avecto when looking to deploy Windows XP, whilst early days for Avecto - I saw that the technology was doing what others could not. It was not until I started on the Win7 to Win 8 Migration planning that I was in a position to integrate Avecto into our environment. Prior to using Avecto; End-users are given full local administrator privilege in order to complete basic tasks such as adding a printer, enabling a network card, these are essentail tasks which staff needed to be able to do. Simply put, Avecto takes over this challenge, and gives back control to the IT admins. You can perscribe what actions you want to elevate (via Avecto) and this lets the employee do their job, whilst enabling IT to keep the systems locked down. The application whitelisting functionality alone, will very easily mitigate +90% of the end-user computing risk (application vulnerabilities/malware); These risks take advantage of people running in adminstrative privilege. Deploy Avecto, mitigate the risk. Sandboxing technology that has been added in Defendpoint is an excellent addtional layer in tying to tackle the new evolving threats. Basic system security is all about the 'defence in depth' approach. This Sandboxing functionality is an excellent way to put more secure layers on our endpoints. To be able to do this on a 'per-application' level with Avecto is excellent.

Avecto Defendpoint

Functional, but doesn't remove admin permissions

Removes user from admin group, but without granular policies, users still have rights to install any software and change any settings. High operational costs to create unique policies for most requirements to actually prevent unwanted change to the system.

Avecto Defendpoint

Implementation with managed services is the way to go.

Avecto is very responsive and easy to work with.

Avecto Defendpoint

Implementation was easy, the solution works well.

Easy to deploy, Efficient, Increased security.