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Cb Defense

Good product

customer support has been fairly above expectations. Simple product with good visibility to end point activity.

Cb Protection, Cb Response

High functioning tool in the right hands

This has been one of the most successful security controls in our arsenal. It provides significant intelligence on the actions of endpoints. Carbon Black does have a management burden and requires significant technical skill to ensure the tool is operating at peak efficiency. The Bit9 component is less burdensome from a tuning perspective and has proven easy to deploy widely. Of the two components we have implemented, Bit9 is easy to implement, simple to manage, and provides a clear value proposition. Carbon Black is similarly easy to implement with some experience, but tuning it to effectively tie into your overall control set can take time and nuanced effort.

Cb Protection

Great product along with great support from vendor

Vendor played key partnership role. High engagement from vendor.

Cb Response

Solid product, reduced remediation time by several days, easy setup and deploy via GPO

The Sales staff has always been top notch even when the deal is done the constant follow up's, in person visits and involvement in the process is unlike any other company I have seen in the field. After implementation, our support engineers have worked off hours, double time to help train/mitigate issues that might have occurred.

Cb Protection

Comprehensive product, but requires heavy management

Adoption has been slow because of inherent risk. The product is more resource intensive and more importantly, requires significantly more care and feeding than expected.

Cb Endpoint Security Platform, Cb Protection

Great endpoint protection at a great price

Easy to work with and easy to implement

Cb Protection

Carbon Black Protect: Easy to Install, implement and manage - provides solid protection.

The product came in highly recommended and it delivered on it's publicized features.

Cb Response

Implementation was easy and once it is setup up you can set it and forget it.

Very good product that allows visibility into every endpoint in the company. Helps mitigate cyber risk very quickly and efficiently.

Cb Defense

Easy implementation. Was up and running quickly with full visibility.

Great experience. Was the perfect fit for our security needs.

Cb Defense

Easy implementation with quick investigative search capable of helping any organization.

Overall, product has really grown into what we want to see from a product with a multitude of different IoC vectors to help us identify any issues. Being early adopters when this product was Confer, glad it was taken in by Carbon Black to see it grow and mature as a security tool. We're very excited to see April's releases so we can better visualize an incident and the different components associated with an incident. Good: -Amount of IoCs detected -Investigation tab for searching within our environment -Community and Feed Driven Reputation Checks -Ease of implemation Bad: -Hard to dismiss more than one incident at a time -Need a more automated way of adding our own blacklist hashes -Early days QA caused Kernel Panics resulting in OS crash on Macs during upgrade