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Implementation was straight forward, but it needs dedicated security resource to add value

Implementation was pretty straight forward and product functionality is as advertised. As with any product, you have to appoint the right care and feed to get the value out of it. There is very limited value out of the box. It needs dedicated resource. Highly recommend for Incident Response situations.

Cb Defense

CB Defense Implementation

The vendor is very helpful with the implementation. We had a pre-existing relationship and moving forward was seamless.

Cb Endpoint Security Platform

Implementation, Deployment, and Use are easy, but Some Training Required to Understand It.

Cb works great, and finds the forensic information you need quickly. Works as a great tool for both virus interdiction as well as end-user forensic analysis. The skill level required to do triage is not high, but expertise is needed to handle the more unusual cases. Some training is needed for staff to understande what they are looking at. Definitely not a fire-and-forget tool. That said Bit9 provided great training via seminars and support classes. You do need to reboot your systems after install since applications/services already running before install aren't identified correctly. Also, the web interface requires the use of Google Chrome in order to work properly.

Cb Defense, Cb Endpoint Security Platform, Cb Protection

Carbon Black Endpoint Solution

Found the product to live up to their industry reputation as a leader in the space. Although the product was a little complex to install and maintain it has proven to provide an added layer of security that was desperately needed.

Cb Defense

Simple product to deploy and manage with great reporting features

We are able to deploy the Cb Defense agent via KACE to our Mac and Windows machines easily. They have a new feature that allows us to deploy updates via the web console, but this does not always work correctly. I like how Cb Defense reports on everything and not just on detected malware. We can see what scripts and process are running on all machines and figure out what we need to block or not. It is easy to build a whitelist from the data we are collecting from the agents. It is also very simple to see what machine was infected but it would be nice to see what action was taken from the alert. You have a lot of flexibility for creating rules but the process can be time-consuming if you have a lot of groups and applications you want to protect or whitelist. The pre-sales engineers and professional services are really great. Everyone was super responsive and helpful with our deployment. We have also contacted support with lots of questions and issues and they are always very responsive and helpful.

Cb Defense

CB Defense saved our organization from zero-day crypto attack

Our organization has been constantly impressed by Cb Defense's ability to stop malicious software and attacks since the day of implementation. The process of deploying and managing endpoints is light and simple, and the cloud-based monitoring dashboard gives us a great overview of threats, infections, and attacks. CB Defense has an awesome user exchange that we utilize where customers can share best practices and get help from others who have real world experience in managing the tool in a wide range of environments. Lastly, we love the customer service we receive with this product! The onboarding and integration process was extremely well structured and the support we receive on a continuous basis has blown the competition out of the water. I'd like to also share that within the first month of implementation, our organization experienced a zero-day crypto attack that was stopped by CB Defense. Had we not had this product, we have no doubt this attack would have encrypted hundreds of thousands of files on our network drives before it was discovered. This product saved us from working through a holiday weekend to restore files and we could not have been happier.

Cb Defense

Implemention was easy but does take some analysis to correctly respond to alerts.

Implementation was easy but does take some analysis to correctly respond to alerts. This analysis should be done by experienced security personnel

Cb Defense

Cb Defense offers A+ cloud management

No problems working with Carbon Black. Quick response times.

Cb Defense

Good product

customer support has been fairly above expectations. Simple product with good visibility to end point activity.

Cb Protection, Cb Response

High functioning tool in the right hands

This has been one of the most successful security controls in our arsenal. It provides significant intelligence on the actions of endpoints. Carbon Black does have a management burden and requires significant technical skill to ensure the tool is operating at peak efficiency. The Bit9 component is less burdensome from a tuning perspective and has proven easy to deploy widely. Of the two components we have implemented, Bit9 is easy to implement, simple to manage, and provides a clear value proposition. Carbon Black is similarly easy to implement with some experience, but tuning it to effectively tie into your overall control set can take time and nuanced effort.