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Bitdefender Gravityzone Enterprise Security

Easy decision to adopt\implement\support in a timely manner. Very customer friendly.

Our company has been very pleased with the ease of adoption and customer support that Bitdefender has been able to provide. Their engineers are all well versed in the security subject manner, and they have created a great platform to launch individual security needs from a central management piece. There is one pane of glass that houses so many features that can easy by turned on or off with a license key. If and when we have questions regarding any of their products, they extend themselves to no end to make sure we are satisfied as the end user.

Bitdefender Gravityzone Enterprise Security

Easy and successful implementation

No nonsense implementation. Worked as expected.

Bitdefender Gravityzone Enterprise Security

BitDefender Cost effective and great value.

We originally went with Bitdefender in 2015 and then we swapped out to Forticlient but now are returning to Bitdefender because I like it better than any other virus protection I have used over my carreer.

Bitdefender Mobile Security

Implementation simple and the support was available/

Support with sales directly and the phone.

Bitdefender Gravityzone Enterprise Security

Easy to implement and even easier to manage

The support team is amazing and very knowledgable and responsive. The product works great and has a very small footprint and CPU load.

Bitdefender Gravityzone Enterprise Security

Good product, communication & tech support needs to improve efficiency

Overall, the implementation was pretty smooth. Ran into some issues getting it to communicate with the main server. Periodically some endpoints will show offline, even though the server is online and the BitDefender services are started/running. Full scans sometimes create major lag for the endpoints.

Bitdefender Mobile Security

Bitdefender was an easy to implement, effective solution

Phone support was great and product implementation was seamless

Bitdefender Gravityzone Enterprise Security

The Easy and Correct Way to Secure the Systems on your Network.

We had tried other anti-virus/malware packages, some worked good but left the systems feeling sluggish while others allowed the systems to run normally but weren't very effective at times. Implementing BitDefender was very easy using the integration with AD and policies. We were easily able to implement policies based on what the system was being used for in our environment (workstations, Citrix servers, Exchange servers, File Servers, ...) When the client runs on old systems it is noticable but we've never felt as secure with other products.


Solid product, easy to implement, prevents security issues.

Vendor is easy to work with. Enables agility in changing functionality where appropriate.

Bitdefender Gravityzone Enterprise Security

Must use 3rd Party but good product

Must go through a 3rd party providor. Mne was bad so take your time in looking for one.