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ESET Endpoint Security

ESET will be the smartest thing you implement in your school district or business.

From the beginning of our use of ESET for antivirus in our school system, we have had no complaints. The product works quite well, and we have few issues because it is continuously updated and catches most everything. When we have had to contact ESET for support, which has been very rarely, we have had immediate, competent assistance. Renewals of our contracts have been easily accomplished and pricing incentives together with our satisfaction with ESET's solid protection have led to our renewing for multi-year contracts more than once.

ESET Endpoint Security

Less problems , good quality

Reliable Products, good support, good cost-value ratio

ESET Endpoint Security

Great overall experience with the product.

Vendor provided a great overall experience from implementation to aftermarket support.


ESET - DESlock, strong layer of security.

Great vendor that has solutions that are vastly under appreciated.

ESET Endpoint Security, Eset Mobile Security for Android


Very good contact and helpdesk

ESET Endpoint Security, Other...

low system demands; easy management; comprehensive protection

Reduced impact on system resources; easy remote management; comprehensive protection for Windows; superior detection and virtualization support;

Eset Multi-device security

ESET products are good.

ESET applications are working fine. We don't have many issues with threats from internet. There were issue during upgrade from version 5 to 6 but it was resolved. Support is very helpful.

ESET Endpoint Security

This product has been stable and reliable. We feel it was a good investment.

This product has been stable and reliable. We feel it was a good investment.

ESET Endpoint Security

Very solid product and very good customer support

Very knowledgeable of the product and installation process, reducing time to implement when assistance needed

ESET Endpoint Security

Want great endpoint security, look to Eset

Eset has been a great partner and their product has proven to be a great tool for our organization