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ESET Endpoint Security

A well-functioning product with a rich knowledge base.

Very well-functioning mechanism to protect stations in real time and frequent updates to the virus signature database, it does not have problems with the performance of our workstations and our data is safe. Very good management console from which you can manage computers in the company. Activation of customers via the web portal ela.eset.com allows full control of purchased licenses. Rich knowledge base articles available through the portal eset.com can independently and quickly solve current problems.

ESET Endpoint Security

Easy Endpoint Protection Transistion

Overall from a PC Support standpoint, rollout was very smooth and seamless

ESET Endpoint Security

Easy Peasy and Powerful !

Easy as pie to implement and the bakend is very simple and easy to maintain

ESET Endpoint Security

Eset Endpoint Security; easy to implement and manage

Any and all issues, expected or otherwise were resolved in a timely manner.

ESET Endpoint Security

Solid product with good support

The vendor provides good coverage and is responsive to requests for signature updates in the cases where we have had targeted malware.

ESET Endpoint Security

It is a pleasure to see 100% customer success commitment on vendor side.

It was a pleasure for us to work with ESET. Dedicated support on sales and technical platform. We were running multiple smaller instances around the world but needed strong and robust platform to support our 30% yearly growth and fast exapansion to other locations, countries and even technological platforms. None of this was problem to ESET and team we worked with. Anytime we run in to any complications we were able to get profesional engineering support and advices. We value ESET for their passion for inovation and customer success comitment.

ESET Endpoint Security

Best Endpoint Protection Product on the market...stable, efficient, accurate and easy

Our overall experience with ESET has been extremely positive. I have been a user of their core product since version 2.5, so I had years of experience with the software before bringing it to the enterprise. Initially, setting up a demo was easy and fast. I was able to quickly deploy the software to several client machines and servers to start testing. Installation was much faster than any of the vendors we had tested before. The biggest selling point for IT management was the Rip-and-Replace technology they offer. Management was very concerned how long it would take to replace our existing antivirus product since we had a large install base and limited IT resources. They created a custom installation package for us which was able to completely remove our existing antivirus product and install ESET in one step. This worked flawlessly and enabled us to deploy across the enterprise very quickly. We started experiencing ESET's superior detection capabilities right away, as it began finding malware on machines that wasn't being detected before. The IT staff could hardly believe how fast a full scan of a system took, which was a fraction of the time as prior vendors' solutions. This saved us a lot of time on service calls and maintaining machines. The server console is intuitive and easy to use, and policies are easy to configure. We decided to make ESET our global antivirus provider, and it was very simple to globalize the product and have a server hosted in EMEA. The EMEA IT admin has said many times this is the best antivirus product he has ever worked with. ESET support has been wonderful since day one, and they were the only AV vendor that came onsite to check in with us to make sure we were satisfied and maximizing our investment. We couldn't be happier with ESET.


ESET Endpoint Security

Solution from ESET is delivering to us great endpoint protection.

Eset is providing great product with very fast and competent local support.

ESET Endpoint Security

Great replacement product, smooth implementation, significant early results.

ESET Endpoint Security has proven to be a more than capable replacement for our previous endpoint security product. Implementation was driven largely by only one internal engineer, with organizational assistance from a project manager. The product has already delivered great results in improving our overall network security posture.