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IBM BigFix

Succeed with IBM BigFix software deployment tool

IBM BigFix has been a life saver tool for us. We used to use Zenworks and we had all sorts of issues. Since we have switched over to BigFix, the difference in the two product are amazing. Anyone who is looking for a deployment tool, I would highly recommend this tool.

IBM BigFix

Does patch management and automation well

Overall, BigFix does everything the system it replaced does, plus adding a lot of automation capabilities. We are using this to patch both workstations and servers. The setup of the environment was easy and managing endpoints has been better than our previous patch management solution.

IBM BigFix

Patching Simplified

One report for all Security Patching for linux and windows systems

IBM BigFix, IBM Endpoint Manager (IEM), Other...

IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager Analytics 2.x - Wait For 9

The Software Use Analysis tool at Version level 2.x is taxing to server resources and very slow. Pulling up a contract can take up to almost 2 min, which is unacceptable when you have hundreds of contracts to manage. SUA 2.x does not inventory Macs but Big Fix Inventory 9 will. Catalog updates would fail to import with SUA 2.x. Hoping migration to BigFix Inventory 9 will resolve these issues.

IBM BigFix, IBM Endpoint Manager (IEM)

First phases of the implementation were seamless; a solid foundation for growth.

Excellent experience with our implementation. SMEs were knowledgable and well versed.

IBM Endpoint Manager (IEM)

Good product but lacks documentation and support

In terms of support, IBM lacks in terms of people who can support their products. Each time there was an issue faced during the implementation, one of their product developers had to come on a call to fix the problem. Plus, there were multiple bugs encountered and we had to push IBM real hard to get them fixed. Another place where they lack is documentation. It was difficult to set up this product because of this reason. The only reason why this product was implemented was because the product is good overall in terms of functionality and a lot of automation can be built to make routine tasks much easier. Although, OS deployment is not a mature feature of the product and lacks on multiple points.


IBM BigFix

IBM BigFix - Lean and Efficient

Looking for a replacement for MS System Center Configuration Manager. We got a trail license to POC and was able to get it up and running in hours. Overall BigFix functionality is much leaner and efficient compared to MS Systems Center 2012. I was able to setup it up in hours compared to our MS Systems Center environment which took weeks. The magic sauce is in what they call Relevance. By building baselines and using WMI queries to compare an endpoint to the baseline, the system tracks any endpoints that become out of compliance. When an endpoint is flagged as out of compliance, “actions” can be taken to bring the endpoint back to compliance (eg. Sending the endpoint relevant MS patches to install). Operations of BigFix Patching is simple and straight forward - much more intuitive than Systems Center Configuration Manager. We explored the compliance module, although we didn’t purchase that at this time, it was very promising to Security Operations. EndPoints are kept in a defined baseline where BigFix will auto patch/fix any security issues automatically, keeping endpoints in compliance. Lastly, there are no AD dependencies!

IBM BigFix

IBM BigFix is time-tested, best of breed security-focused endpoint management

IBM can be a slow ship to turn but they do have key relationship people in their Sales and Advanced Value Program teams that have the wisdom to listen to the needs of their customers and make the needed enhancements happen. The platform is the best of breed in the industry and will be for the foreseeable future because of this. Others promise the moon and the stars, but IBM BigFix has a proven track record of delivering at a scale that no one else has proved. Politics and legal reasons drive us to use the other market-share leader in the EPM space also, but we spend more time BigFixing it and more money to get it do what we need it do, it pains me to see that wasted money on duplication of effort. The litany of additional add-on products, services, and resources are thrown at their competitor to keep it running is obscene. I know others are in the same boat, but I hope that changes some day.