Intel Security (McAfee)

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McAfee Endpoint Protection Suite

Suite offerings give us a complete list of options to tackle most compliance requirements

Suite offerings give us a complete list of options to tackle most compliance requirements. The future looks bright as McAfee has moved from Signature solutions to zero-day protection. Support of the product is very good as well.

McAfee Endpoint Protection Suite

implementation was seamless deployment with ePO

deployment went very smooth

McAfee Endpoint Protection Suite, McAfee Endpoint Protection—Advanced Suite

Easy implementation, but the order of implementation/upgrade is sometimes critical

McAfee is very focused on providing a strong product and ensuring it does what it is promissed. They are constantly in contact with us to ensure it is working properly and recommending changes/adjustments that will improve performance.

McAfee Endpoint Protection Suite

"No one ever got fired for implmenting McAfee"

While we may not have an implementation consistent with other organization our size, they consistently pressure us to buy in at a higher teir.

McAfee Endpoint Protection Suite

Slow, ineffective, management nightmare

The product is bloated and fat. It is inefficent. When installed with defaults, it slows the systems to a crawl for hours at a time while doing scans. Creating polices is easy, but trying to add a common exclusion for all policies is cumbersome as you need to open every created prolicy and modify them. Not bad if you have 5-10 policies, but beyond that and you can easily spend hours just updating exlusions. The products puts files and registry leys all over the place. When uninstalling, it has about an 80% success rate. Sometimes the install will also fail and a manual install is required to fix. McAfee also provides a lot of different options, but each one adds to the costs.

Intel Security Enterprise Mobility Management (No Longer Sold)

Good experience

The product was been installed by BELL and the syst'eme was open running after 3 month deployment

McAfee Endpoint Protection Suite

Very solid technical resources within Intel to ensure customer success

Very comprehensive solution for endpoint security with all facets of security and compliance covered under one umbrella product.

McAfee Endpoint Protection Suite

Product needs to be better engineered for end user success.

Disappointed in the the experience that users encountered. Basic needs such as printing of airline boarding passes would get caught up in the tool and require manual remediation. Troubleshooting also difficult as software does not provide obvious logging.

Intel Security Enterprise Mobility Management (No Longer Sold), McAfee Endpoint Protection Suite, McAfee Endpoint Protection—Advanced Suite

Great feature set; smooth implementation

McAfee (Intel Security) were a very good partner, great post sales / professional service engagement through the implementation process and very knowledgeable staff members.

McAfee Endpoint Protection Suite

Configuration was easy, as well as deployment

Vendor support for ENS 10.2 has been consistently good - problems were addressed as they occurred