Ivanti (LANDESK & HEAT Software)

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Ivanti Endpoint Security Suite, powered by HEAT

The product reduced costs and added operational efficiences

Awesome sales and technical suppport with emerging roadmap

Ivanti Security Suite

Remote security and application management

This system has provided us with the ability to service our users and remote sites in an efficient manner and with a reduced time line which keeps our production systems functioning at best levels possible for.

Ivanti Security Suite

2016-6 upgrade review

Everything upgraded perfectly. It was much slower then I expected but our databases were really large.

Ivanti Security Suite

Implementation was straight forward with little to no surprises.

We have been a LANDESK customer for 10 years. They have provided an extremely valuable solution for us and we use many of their features. I have yet to find a competing product that includes all of the functionality of LANDESK out of the box. We have been very happy with LANDESK (Ivanti) and their services. Imp

Ivanti Security Suite

Superior flexibility in security suite

LANDesk is an excellant product with a mature feature set. It's not without it's quirks (like most products), but the value is immense.

Ivanti Endpoint Security Suite, powered by HEAT, Ivanti Security Suite



Ivanti Security Suite

LDSS is GREAT for patching, I would like more features

LANDesk Security Suite (LDSS) when i purchased it, was a wonderful addition to our environment. I am very active with patch and driver management. I have had difficulty with application white/blacklisting and file reputations. Mainly that we do on-prem development and use custome built applications that we get false flags for. Even some Ivanti (LANDesk) applications get caught or not identified as safe automatically. Patching Windows and Office 365 is also challanging. I am glad that you have added more tools for this, but the documentation that used to be in each pach description, is not present on recent releases. Spyware blocking has been very reliable and I have no complaints. The security Threat scanning is very valuable to me, I would like to see an expansion of these items. The LANDesk firewall / Windows Firewall needs some refinement, I need to be able to import existing rules and tools to report from endpoints.


Shavlik Protect 9.2 Update 3

We use Shavlik Protect to manage our patch deployment to our 1500 workstations, laptops, and Surface Pros. We have successfully kept our devices up to date using the Shavlik Console and Shavlik Protect Agents. They inital setup of Shavlik Console was time consuming and there was a moderate leaving curve. Shavlik Support is top notch and provided support through out the planning states, deployment, and continual maintenance. We increased our compliance and lowered our risk using Shavlik Protect. I would recommend their product.

Ivanti Endpoint Security Suite, powered by HEAT

Product setup was quick and easy and the setup support was good.

The software package works well and is well desinged, but at times technical support can be hit and miss.

Ivanti Security Suite

Implementation was easy!

Landesk has always had an impeccable management system. Security is just another asset we needed in our healthcare organization.