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Anti-Exploit for Business, Anti-Malware for Business, Endpoint Security

Implementation was straight forward, would like enhanced reporting capabilities.

Some of the reporting feautures is lacking for enterprise, but a solid overall product.

Anti-Malware for Business

Excellent tool that can augment Symantec AntiVirus.

This product catches infections that Symantec misses. It does a great job.

Anti-Exploit for Business

Protect your organization by using Malwarebytes Anti-exploit

Great tool to enhance our security

Anti-Exploit for Business, Anti-Malware for Business, Breach Remediation, Endpoint Security

Easy setup, great product, admin interface is lacking.

Installation and deployment of the product were pretty straight forward. Adding exceptions were a little bit of a pain as the current management interface is a little limited. Also reporting in the current interface is limited and disappointing. I was informed by the sales person that 3.0 should resolve most admin issues. As far as next gen AV goes it's amazing.

Anti-Exploit for Business

Fast.... Easy and Excellent Service!

They are easy to work with, and provide excellent support. The product was easy to install an deploy. Have never had a problem or issue.

Anti-Exploit for Business, Anti-Malware for Business

Great Product but does not address ransomware.

The product works BUT there are 2 gotchas to this product. First, they said they would be rolling out the Ransomware portion of it in 2016 and we never saw it. It has been in BETA since 2015. Second, technical support is NOT part of the pricing. Basic technical support comes via email. We had an issue with Windows 2008 servers having this client installed; after a few days, it would lock you out of the server via RDP. We had to remove the client from Windows 2008 servers because the vendor would not work with us LIVE only via email unless we bought the support package. This software does find ALOT of stuff Symantec Endpoint Client 12.1.7 does NOT find.

Anti-Malware for Business

Great decision and overall experience.

Very easy to use and implement. We are very happy with the product and performance.

Anti-Exploit for Business

Solid product, added protection against zero-day exploits

The implementation was seemless and the product is very solid. We had no issues with this product. It provides an additional and necessary layer of protection in our organization.

Anti-Exploit for Business, Anti-Malware for Business

Would like better options for support other than email

We normally get a quick response with support cases via email. Phone support seems to be limited and email the preferred method of contact. Which is okay until there's an emergency and not the ideal situation to wait up to 24 hours for a response.

Anti-Malware for Business

Implementation was easy for this proven and effective too.

Easy implementation for a very effective too.