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Anti-Malware for Business

Implementation was easy but there were a few snags

Experienced some issues with installation. Required certain version of .net for example.

Anti-Malware for Business

Very good now, and future upgrades will provide further functionality.

Very good price point and upcoming versions will introduce further measures in security defense for our environment. The POC was very beneficial and all questions were answered thoroughly. Easily works with our configuration management system in order to not only install, but to update the application.

Anti-Malware for Business


Great product, reliable support

Anti-Malware for Business, Endpoint Security

product is unique, strong, and easy to use

Malwarebytes was our first choice for first aid scenarios with malware infections and disinfection when things go awry.

Endpoint Security

Deployment and install was quick, rootkits stand no chance now.

Overall, the installation, deployment and usability of the application is great. It scans in real-time or on schedule, based on your preference. It has caught some pieces that previous AV overlooked.

Endpoint Security

Needs more feature but cost can be an issue

Overall it was an easy install. Had to only deploy to 25 users. Simple applications with very little configuration

Anti-Malware for Business

Low resource use & protects against malware without conflicts with other software

The implementation of this solution went well, and the performance is excellent. We are experiencing that Malwarebytes does in fact protect our systems and does so at minimum use of resources. No integration issues

Anti-Malware for Business

Easy to implement, highly effective and reliable.

Mal-Ware Bytes is not only easy to use, but it is highly effective at finding viruses that are missed by other anti-virus software packages. It is very cost effective and has a proven track record. Its footprint is small and does not require a lot of PC resources.

Anti-Malware for Business

Easy installation, hands-off updating/scanning, light resource usage

MBAM has been a great asset to our AV/Anti-malware solution. It reguarly catches threats ranging from minor adware up to more serious threats. Automatic updating works well, but we see some machines that go months without successfully updating. For the most part it stays updated, however.

Anti-Exploit for Business, Anti-Malware for Business


Very easy to install and manage